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30 Day Nutrition Challenge

Let’s shed that “snow-day”, “valentines day”, and “its not bathing suit season yet” extra. The challenge is going to run for one month! Let this challenge be the start of your winter fat shedding into that bathing suit body you’ve wanted last year. It is never too early to start!

Registration Form

Start: Monday, February 17th
Ends: Sunday, March 16th

Cost of Challenge and Prizes:
– $20 Buy In
– winner gets a cash prize (1 winner only)
– rest of the proceeds go to the March of Dimes

Submitting Scores Electronically:
– you are accountable to submit your scores at the beginning of every week
– measurements and weigh in to be completed before and after the challenge
– however we encourage weekly measurements for accountability
– before and after pics optional

– Arms- widest point
– Stomach- above naval
– Waist- belt line
– Chest- MEN
– Thigh- WOMEN

Weekly Scoring and Reporting:

1. Workout Scoring (90 points):
– 15 points a day for each day you workout a week
– 90 points a week maximum
– That includes a mandatory rest day
– participants are encouraged to workout no more than 5-6 crossfit classes a week
– workouts are defined as most forms of psychical activity lasting longer than 20 mins
– spinning, yoga, other group classes, walking, rowing, hiking, and/or practicing a skill

2. Optional Finisher (35 points):
– 5 points a day for doing your “optional finisher” homework (max points per week is 35 points)
– optional finishers will be posted daily in our facebook group

3. Daily and Weekly Diet Scoring (105 points):
– 15 points a day for a perfect diet
– 105 points a week maximum

4. Points for Supplements (35 points):
– 5 points a day for taking PurePharma Fish Oil or LuRong (can’t get points for both)
– 35 points a week maximum

5. Cheats (-140):
– 5 points off for each cheat
– 20 points a day as a cap
– there will be no negative scores
– define cheats (anything non pale- ish) and/or alcohol

6. Total Points (265) and Bonus Points (35 points):
– 265 points for maximum points in one week
– 35 additional bonus points for a perfect week (5 additional points a day)
– Maximum Total points in one week = 300 points
– Maximum Total points for the month = 1200 points

Diet Rules:
– Paleo-ish- this is somewhat subjective
– Basic Paleo rules apply- no dairy, no refined sugars, some starches
– Weekly Food exceptions (allotted 4 per week):
– 2 bananas a week max (ideally ½ portion at a time)
– 2 cups of either quinoa, brown rice, beans or 2 rice cakes (ideally ½ portion at a time)
– Weekly Drink exceptions (we advise no drinking)
– 1 glass of red wine allowed daily (6 oz pour only)
– 2 Tequilas or Gluten Free Vodka (2 oz pour, Saturdays ONLY)

– Sweet Potato – YES
– Progenex RECOVERY – YES (post Workout)
– coffee is allowed
– 1 stevia sweetener
– heavy cream as dairy sub

Paleo Friends:
Pasta Cosi
The Meat House
Parthenon Diner
Lynn’s Deli
Cross Cuisines

– the workouts are to be performed independently
– you can complete them during your first week (W1)
– you can be complete during the week after the challenge (W5)
– no points will be given for the workouts, but will contribute to decisioning a winner

Workout #1:
400 M Run, Rest 60 secs, 400 M Run
Total Time Minus Rest

Workout #2:
15-12-9-6-3 of:
Calorie Row-damper at 5 for everyone

Workout #3:
Max Reps of your choice gymnastic goat in 4 mins