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Shoreline CrossFit was founded in 2009 by three longtime fitness enthusiasts who found their niche on the Shoreline. Kelly Walsh, Lauren and David Plumey opened the doors to a very small garage gym on August 15, 2009. The three–L. Plumey, formally having worked for a successful CrossFit gym, CrossFit Milford, and having competed in the CrossFit Games, Walsh, working for a larger “globo-gym” for many years and possessing a vehement desire to express her creativity in this industry, and D. Plumey always desiring to be a entrepreneur—had an intense passion for CrossFit training. At the time, there were very few CrossFit gyms in Connecticut (in fact, there wasn’t one from New Haven all the way to Providence, RI). To open this gym on the Shoreline seemed like a no-brainer.

This space on Sycamore Way was small only in square footage. It was filled with love for this new “sport”, passion for the betterment of our clients, and camaraderie. Quickly, Shoreline CrossFit outgrew the walls of this beloved garage. In 2010, Shoreline CrossFit moved into an 10,000 sq. ft space on Northeast Industrial Drive and occupied this location for six years. During the majority of this time, this space was necessary, as SCF was the only CrossFit gym in East Haven, Branford, and Guilford.

Time passed, and one would have to be oblivious to not take note of how CrossFit gyms have flourished throughout the country. There was a time when CrossFit required a definition; now, it is a household name. With this exposure, came some pros and cons. With another gym in town, and another in a neighboring town, it became ever so important for Shoreline CrossFit to differentiate itself from the competition, as well as to move to a space that was more suited to our needs (one large room, as opposed to three, and a facility with street visibility). In 2016, we decided to move to our current location on 57 East Industrial Road and rename ourselves Shoreline Athletics—Home of Shoreline CrossFit.

Another component of rebranding ourselves was to scrutinize our programming. This began with David re-examining the programming at Shoreline CrossFit. When one first begins CrossFit, it doesn’t really matter what workout he/she is doing; there will be results due merely to the intensity of the sport; however, this random style of programming does not lend itself to longevity, nor optimal results (i.e. doing a benchmark, or “hero” workout weekly can lead to CNS burnout and physical injury, which will hinder results). It was time for David to continue his education via both CrossFit and non-CrossFit courses, and an intense self-education. Dave, our manager, Carl Chu, and Coach Megin Oczkowski became NASAM certified, along with other coaches gaining some CEUs in the field. With this, our current methodology was engendered.

How is Shoreline Athletics different? There is a TREMENDOUS amount of thought that goes into our programming. The old CrossFit—“Let’s pull today’s WOD out of a hopper”—technique seems like a practice of antiquity. We run on a periodization model, which focuses on improving specific components of fitness at different times throughout the year; it also decreases burnout and injury—two reasons we were losing members prior to utilizing this model. We also conduct a close scrutiny of the muscular contractions of the average (programming to the average—not the elite—is imperative in this business) athlete per weekly cycle to avoid injury and promote growth. We couple this methodology with several coaches with advanced knowledge in sports medicine and nutrition, who are able to coach athletes participating in various sports (soccer, football, boxing, crew, wrestling, etc…). It is this methodology, along with certifications greater than that of solely CrossFit, the option of customized programming for specialized athletes, our CrossFit four levels of classes (conditioning, fitness, performance, and competitor), and what we perceive to be stellar camaraderie, that differentiates us from the masses. This is why we are Shoreline Athletics—Home of Shoreline CrossFit.