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Is it Wrong to Be Strong??–January Accomplishments

You may have noticed that we’ve been doing a bit more strength at SCF as of late.  I’m not sure if you realize it, but our programming is written in cycles to keep us balanced athletes, who see gains in multiple modalities of fitness.  As of now, we are lifting a bit heavier and the workouts are shorter and intense.  Leading into the summer, the workout will become a little longer, lighter, and more aerobic.  For those of you who aren’t fans of the recent programming, be patient, and think of all of the benefits that weight training has on your overall health.  Also, if you plan to participate in the upcoming CrossFit Open (which I plan to blog about on Monday or Tuesday), the cycle that we are currently in will help you to be more successful in this competition.  So, sit back and trust SCF’s programming, feel free to ask your coaches questions, and enjoy your accomplishments!  Look who started 2016 off the right way:

Mary Pont set a PR on her deadlift at 200lbs and her back squat (165). Tim Harmon set a few PR’s this month on his squat clean (300lbs), back squat (385), split jerk (300), and full snatch (230). There were quite a few power clean PR’s this month including Matt Stebbins (225), Matt Lipp (295), Eric Vingo (290), Gayle Wirtz (125), Katy Williams (140), Themis Kyriakides (195), Kate Prado (135), Christina Quong (150 for 3!), and Cynthia Delaney set a 10lb PR on her hang power clean. Deadlift PR’s were also huge this month including Tricia Anderson (190), Lynn Lennon (135), Luis Suarez did his first heavy deads coming off of an injury, Eric Vingo (535), Jess Hoover (280), Katy Williams (205), Mike Peck (425), Joey Herten (365), Jay Caron (355), Mark Testa (415), Themis Kyriakides (375), Geno Bontaibus (435), Alex Hernandez (320), Cheryl Fields (215), and two other deadlift PR’s early in the month whose names were accidentally erased during our Master’s competition (feel free to add them to the comments on this blog!). Matt Stebbins set a PR on his back squat (300) and weighted dip (110lbs), Gayle Wirtz back squatted 165lbs for a new PR, and Melissa Roy set a PR on her push press (105) and swung the 53lb KB in a workout. Joe Landisio set a PR on his back squat, Paige Slocum PR’d on her push jerk (110), Tricia Anderson also set a PR on her push jerk (100), and Lynn Lennon back squatted 105lbs for a new PR. Joey Herten push jerked 255×2, Mark Testa back squatted 335lbs, Larry Weiss back squatted 215lbs, Ethan Bedell set a PR on his back squat, and Meg Testa overhead squatted 260lbs.

Anniversaries, Muscle Ups, & Miscellaneous

Ryan Hocking set a PR on 30 muscle ups for time (4:00), and so did Bianca Fiondella (8:48). Kelly Walsh got her double unders back this month (thanks to Coach Bradley), Kostas Stoubis did a bar muscle up, and John Pomeroy lost 15lbs in 2 months! Mary Pont had her 4 year anniversary at SCF this month, Bryce Brown has been at SCF for 1 year, Jay Caron and Joe Narsico had their 3 year anniversary at SCF, and Amy Robinson and Kevin Barnikow have both been at SCF for 5 years! Tracy Nigosanti was 15 minutes early for class, Nuno returned and took his second class, and Becky Moriarty had her 2 year anniversary at SCF this month!

Be sure to write your accomplishments on the board this month.  They are the last accomplishments to be achieved within the walls of 45 NE Industrial Drive!


Cheryl, looking focused.

Celeni, getting incredibly strong, and looking good too.

Celeni, getting incredibly strong, and looking good too.

Connie has been working on her cardio on her own time, in addition to taking regular classes. Looking good, girl!

Connie has been working on her cardio on her own time, in addition to taking regular classes. Looking good, girl!

Stebbins and Zach, 6:30 pm staples.

Stebbins and Zach, 6:30 pm staples.

Kevin V, working hard.

Kevin V, working hard.

Featured Athlete of the Month: Ryan Stewart

Ryan Cropped

One of the disadvantages of having a daytime job, is that I don’t often get to see our morning/mid-day clients because I am at work.  The nice part about this is that when I do get to see them, the results that they have achieved are clearly visible to me. One of the athletes who has stunned me as of late, is the gentleman to the left: Ryan Stewart.  Ryan is a 36-year old member of SCF, who has been at our gym for quite some time now.  Upon seeing him, I couldn’t believe how lean he appeared!  When asking him about his progress, I was so stoked to hear that he has lost 62 lbs with CrossFit training and dieting.  Ryan is a chef by career, so one can imagine how difficult it can be to manage one’s diet when constantly surrounded by food.  Ryan has managed to successfully do this.

Ryan is SCF’s first featured athlete of 2016.  Please take the time to read about him below:

Q. What was your life like prior to your CrossFit training and why did you want to start working with a coach?

My life was hectic with working in the restaurant business and trying to fit time to go to the gym and lose weight. When I did go, I didn’t see the results like what I expected. I finally got on a schedule, got the needed motivation to get to my goals of a healthier life, and lost the weight.

Q. What have been your greatest challenges since you began your CrossFit Training?
My greatest challenges has been keeping up the routine of my diet & training with my work schedule and still finding time to have fun (i.e. holidays and family schedule).

Q. What have been your greatest successes since you began? How does your body feel now compared to when you started and WHY?
My greatest success so far has been the satisfaction that get from the many compliments of my weight loss and dedication to keeping the weight off. Also, my body feels better in terms of things I can do in life that I thought I couldn’t, or wouldn’t do, beforehand. One example is that running wasn’t my strong suit, and now I’m doing that with weighted sleds!

Q. How has your life changed since starting CrossFit training? Has CrossFit transferred over into any other areas of your life?

My life was changed since the training in  that I can look at the different movements in a more meaningful way compared to my old way of exercising. Crossfit helped motivate some of my friends and family members to get healthier, either by what they eat or exercise, or both.

Q. What are the advantages of CrossFit style training compared to your previous workout styles?

The advantages of crossfit style training compared to my previous workout styles is that I am training and finally seeing weight loss, as well as toning up and working the right core muscle groups. My old training style just worked 1 or 2 areas; now I am getting a total body workout.

Q. What advice can you give to others?

The advice that I can give to others is to try it out. I tried the classes and think that the classes did help. Also, the 1-on-1 training helped me understand the routines and movements to help me accomplish my dream of getting healthier, losing the weight, and keeping it off.

Q. Any other details you would like to share about your experience you would like to share?

I think that it is important to have a goal(s) in mind, and remember to start of small and then go from there. I went in wanting to accomplish 2 to 3 things, and now I’m looking at bigger goals since I started.

How are we liking all of the back squats in our programming lately?

How are we liking all of the back squats in our programming lately?

Matt looks like he's enjoying them!

Matt looks like he’s enjoying them!

So is John (getting lower by the day)!

So is John (getting lower by the day)!

Mr. Chairman getting low, low, low, lowwww.....

Mr. Chairman getting low, low, low, lowwww…..

The Last Accomplishments of 2015!

goals and accomplishments

Drop it Like a Squat, Then Clean it Up

Tim Chan set a PR on his push jerk (305) and so did Bob German (316).  Mark DeCapua PR’d on his power clean at 225lbs, Connie M also set a PR on her power clean (165), Tim Harmon power snatched 215 for a new PR, and Ryan Hocking broke into the 300lb clean club by hang squat cleaning 300lbs!  Jenna Lennon back squatted 240 for 3 reps, Tim Harmon back squatted 335 for 3 reps and also set a PR on his hang squat clean (295), Kara Mac broke into the 200lb mark for her back squat, and Jen Goodwin hang power cleaned 140lbs for a new PR.  Mark Testa set a PR on his power snatch and 3RM power snatch (155), Mark DeCapua PR’d on his power snatch and overhead squat at 160lbs, and Bianca Fiondella PR’d on her clean & jerk (185).  

Anniversaries, Hero, & Bodyweight PR’s

Dave Strong had his 3 year anniversary at SCF this month and Danielle Smith also had her two year anniversary at SCF this month!  Charly Weiss and Christine Nizolek both did their first unassisted rope climb to the top this month.  John Boughton will still be crossfitting when he’s 64 (and hopefully longer!), Melissa Roy survived India, and JR Romano finished the “12 days of Christmas” workout.  Bianca Fiondella set a PR on her max unbroken muscle ups with 6 in a row and set a PR on “DT” (7:03), LP & BP also set a PR on “DT” (6:45), and JR Romano did his first bar muscle ups this month!

Rachel, working hard in today's back squats.

Rachel, working hard in today’s back squats.

Jen T, looking focused

Jen T, looking focused

Marnie, getting after those dips.

Marnie, getting after those dips.

Someone's been doing his 8-Minute Abs...Looking good, Mike!

Someone’s been doing his 8-Minute Abs…Looking good, Mike!

Who says strength can't be fun??!!

Who says strength can’t be fun??!!