Pride in the Work

I was never used to getting anything but A’s.  Sure, there were a few B’s here and there, but those were classes about which I didn’t care much, classes that were too easy to try hard.  But when I got to college, things were different.  I was paying for these classes, all of them were challenging enough to the point that I cared, and from my perspective, every class could directly affect my future.  So, when I found myself earning…and I mean really earning, a C- in my biology class, I was beside myself…

I put in the work; I bought the thigh-high suspender galoshes to search for “specimens” in  the pond amidst the “quad”.  I attempted to memorize every chart upside, downside and inside-out out in that two-zillion page textbook, and tried my hardest to staple my term paper at a 32-degree angle (a professor’s request..really??!).  In the midst of the semester (when it’s too late to withdraw), I realized that this class was “Bio for Majors”.  I was an English major.  Everyone else in this class was going to be a doctor

I ended the semester with a C+.  The only grade below a B+ in my college career.  And, you know what else?  It’s the only grade I remember in my college career.  Why?  Because I worked harder for that C+ than I ever worked for any A I ever received.

Most of us aren’t going to the CrossFit Games, but this doesn’t mean that there can’t be pride in all of our work.

It’s the effort you put in.

There’s pride in your work; there’s pride in your effort, in everything that you do.

Don’t forget that.

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The Now

The now is the only thing that’s tangible; it’s the only thing that you can change.  Forgot about the next lift, next movement, next workout, the next week, whatever it is. Truly stay focused upon the only thing that matters, the only thing that you have a tangible affect on, which is the now.  That is really the best way to be successful“.  -Ben Bergeron, Coach and Owner of CrossFit New England

I am the most Type A person that I know.  I disguise it well, and try to look cool, calm, and collective most of the time, but inside, my wheels are alway turning.  This became apparent to me last summer when DP and I visited Bermuda.  There I was in the most beautiful ocean water that I have ever been in, and I was focused on one thing:  what were were going to do next?  Were we going to swim to the rock far off in the distance? Would we jump off of that rock? Would we go to another beach? Find another bar? How would we get home? How much would it cost?  Was there a restaurant nearby?  Ahhhhhhhhhh………………………………

This was a moment that I realized the importance of what Bergeron states above.  Stop focusing on the past.  Stop focusing on the future.  Focus on the now.  The now is all that we can control.  If we aren’t focused on the now, chances are we’ll screw up the now.

This clearly applies to what we do at the gym.  You focus on the next round…how much it’s going to suck, how heavy the weight is going to feel, how tight your back is going to get, how out of breath you’re going to be…how could you possibly focus on the movement you are currently performing?  How could you perfect the now if you’re obsessed with that which hasn’t even happened?

Don’t be me in Bermuda.  Enjoy the water.  Embrace the now.

This crew learned how to be more explosive yesterday with Coach Ryan Moody

This crew learned how to be more explosive yesterday with Coach Ryan Moody


June Accomplishments

The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it.  What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get“. –Jim Rohn

Today, I had an athlete look at me mid-workout and say, “By the end of August, I’m going to have these wall-climbs down!”

What about you?  Have you set a summer goal?  Do it.  Small or large…set it, and make it concrete.  Then, begin working towards it.  Perhaps practicing in your warm-up or after your workout.  Or, perhaps sacrificing a day of normal “WODing” to practice this skill.

At the end of the day, the aforementioned quote is absolutely true; the discipline and intrinsic rewards that you gain along the way are far greater than the attainment of the goal itself.

Let’s see what Shoreline CrossFit’s athletes accomplished during the month of June:

Gettin’ Our “Swole” On: Lifting PRs

Mike Peck had a 20lb. PR on his power clean at 245, Gayle Wirtz also PR’d on her hang power clean at 125, Allyson Shields power cleaned 105 for the first time, and Bradley Roth set a 25lbs PR on his power clean at 325. Overhead squat PR’s this month included Gayle Wirtz (100), Amy Woznyk (105), Mark DeCapua (135), Colleen Delaney set a 15lb PR, Melissa Roy (95), and Eric Nevarez (235). More clean PR’s this month included Eric Nevarez (225), Mark DeCapua with a 20lb squat clean PR at 205, Ashley Martone hang power cleaned 130, Luis Suarez hang power cleaned 200 and power cleaned 205, and Meg Testa hang power cleaned 195×5. Jean Perkins PR’d on her deadlift at 125, and so did Norma Farhina at 120. John Boughton also set a deadlift PR at 245lbs, Luis Suarez front squatted 205 for a new PR, and Mary Pont had a bench press PR of 100lbs.

Anniversaries and Gymnastics PR’s

Janice Rodriguez handstand walked 90 feet at Regionals and Bianca Fiondella did ALL her muscle ups. Amy Woznyk did pistols in a WOD, LP did parallette handstand push ups, and Colby Morawski did legless rope climbs. We have a lot of “OG” 4 year anniversaries this month including Christina Quong (& 4 years since her last sandwich), Jenna Lennon, Tricia Anderson, the entire Sandler Family, Nate & Jen Jacobson, Meghan Elgee, Bruce Calderone, Bill Roy, Rich Sudock, and Jackie Dunn. Kate Prado had her 1 year anniversary at SCF this month. Cheryl Fields did her 1st performance workout.

Who’s got Endurance? These Athletes Do!

Danielle Smith ran a mile for the first time, and Melissa Roy ran both the Limerock and Fairfield half marathon! Jean Perkins also rowed 25,000m in the first week of June and totaled 117,000m or 72.7 miles for the month of June!

Sorry for the lack of photos lately.  We lost the gym camera :(

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