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Stepping Off of the Plateau

IThe Smushditi thought to myself, “You can’t write a blog about your best friend.  People will think you’re showing favoritism, being biased“. Then, I thought to myself, it IS my blog…I can write about whatever I want, and because she’s my best friend, I don’t even have to ask her permission. So, here it is

Over a month ago, Coach Bradley gathered a team for the CrossFit Team Series Online Competition.  Despite not feeling incredibly competitive, I agreed.  He was eager, and it was low pressure. Shlee was also invited to join our team.  After much coercion, she became a member of Team SCF 1 along with Adam Greenberg, Bradley and me.  She joked around and said that we should rename the team, “S%*#, We Got Shlee”.

Rewind a year plus prior to this… Shlee definitely reached what we call a “CrossFit Plateau”.  She has been doing CrossFit since 2009.  She has competed at the national and regional level both as an individual and on a team.  As the CrossFit and the gym grew and athletes changed, she was replaced on the team and became quite content with CrossFitting to stay fit and coaching her athletes at SCF.

But, I knew there was more under that tough exterior.  Once upon a time, Shlee was a competitive collegiate soccer player, and I remember what she was like in 2010 when we trained for Regionals together.  I knew that the fire of competition hadn’t completely extinguished…Well, a little fireball, ex-soccer player, ultra-competitive athlete (Janice) knew this too, and wouldn’t let Shlee rest until she joined the SCF Competitor’s program.  After about a month into this, she joined the aforementioned team.

Fast-forward to today...Team SCF 1 placed THIRD in the Northeast Region out of 116 Rx teams in The CrossFit Team Series.  We placed 37th in the WORLD out of 1,018 rx teams (

Now, every athlete on the team played their part, but what I saw in Shlee was absolutely inspiring.  Trust me, I had fun and performed decently because I enjoyed the low-pressure environment, but Shlee…Shlee made it memorable.  When she needed to “bring it”, she always brought it.  She Pr’d in every heavy lift of the competition, at one point lifting her “one rep max” snatch FOUR times fatigued in a WOD.  Without a doubt, there was even one WOD where she was the MVP with her ninja speed handstand push-ups and deadlifts!

What can be learned from this?

Well, there’s a few things…First off, just because you’ve plateaued, doesn’t mean you need to remain there. Perhaps you just need a goal, something to which you should aspire.  Secondly, competition can teach us much about ourselves.  Many of us respond best to pressure.  The competition can be just what it takes to create the pressure to help us to reach our full potential (sign up for the competition at SCF on November 15th!).

And lastly, when it comes to athletic performance and results, it is easy to only look for satisfaction in our own output.  However, just as much gratification can be gleaned from keeping a close eye on our peer’s accomplishments and basking in these alongside them.

Thank you to my team: Adam, Bradley and Shlee for giving me the opportunity to see this.

The energy in the 6:30 class was ELECTRIC tonight!  Make sure to introduce yourself to our many new athletes.

The energy in the 6:30 class was ELECTRIC tonight! Make sure to introduce yourself to our many new athletes.

Sam just needed a little help from his friends...

Sam just needed a little help from his friends…

Good rep!

Good rep! Alicia, getting stronger by the day!

Anna, always working hard

Anna, always working hard

Coach Bradley with those stellar butterfly pull-ups...

Coach Bradley will be in a team competition at CrossFit Milford this weekend with Janice, Adam and Bianca.  It is Saturday and Sunday.  Stop by and cheerlead!

Ashley B, getting in wedding shape!

Ashley B, getting in wedding shape!

Jess H., always improving!

Jess H., always improving!

Nice rack, Eliza!  That's how you catch a clean...

Nice rack, Eliza! That’s how you catch a clean. 

September Accomplishments

 Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s a day you’ve had everything to do and you’ve done it.”
–Margaret Thatcher

Well, by the looks of last month’s accomplishments, it looks as if y’all aren’t doing a whole lot of loungin’ around and doing nothing!  Your coaches couldn’t be happier or prouder than to see an overflowing accomplishment board at the conclusion of September.

If you are looking to set new goals, why not compete in SCF’s charity competition on November 15th to raise contributions for the Melissa Marottoli Foundation??!  There are still several spots available and we are looking to SELL OUT and host an EPIC event!  To sign-up, simply click the link on the top of our main page.

Squats are Getting Stronger (#QuadsForDays) and So are Several Other Lifts!

Jenna Lennon started off the month with a 5lb PR on her back squat and a 10lb strict press PR. Jenn Maselli also strict pressed a new PR of 115, and so did Larry W (140), Nick Thompson (350) and Brian Murray push pressed a new PR of 215. There were a lot of new front squatting PRs set this month including Themis Kyriakides (235), Nick Thompson (407), Rich Sudock (355), Gene Fischer, Kara Macualitis (155), B-Rad (345), Luis Suarez (245), Ashley Banks (185), Janice Rodriguez and LP 210×3, Katy Gomes (135), Kristine Capstick (165), and Mary Pont (125). Dean Alderman set a PR on his back squat at 355 as well as Mary Pont (145), Luis Suarez (275), Kara Macualitis (160), Nick Thompson (507), and Gene Fischer.   Tracy Nigosanti power cleaned 115 for a new PR, Dave Strong power cleaned 160×2, Bradley Roth snatched 260lbs as a PR, Katy Gomes broke triple digits with her power clean at 100lbs, and Mike Bergantino power cleaned 215lbs. Shlee PR’d on her power clean at 180lbs, Teresa Testa put 10lbs on her bench press, Amanda Magleby and Danielle Bonagura both set a PR on their clean & jerk, and Amy set a PR this month on her clean & jerk (85), power clean (95), and push press (100lbs).

Becoming Bodyweight Ninjas

Jenna Lennon linked 2 muscle ups this month, Matt Stebbins did 10 unbroken (nice knee braces), Mike Bergantino entered the Muscle-up Club with his first this month, and Teresa Testa did butterfly pull ups. Cathy Ann Roding did her first toes to bar, Danielle Bonagura connected toes to bar, Tracey Appleget did 20 toes to rings in a row, and Donna Esposito climbed her way up the top of the knotted rope. Tracey Appleget did her first kipping pull ups, Rich Sudock performed 88 unbroken double unders, Matt Stebbins walked 12 steps on his hands (upside down), Chris Bruno did 100 burpees in 4:45 for fun (you read that right…for fun), and Katy Williams climbed the rope in only 3 pulls.

Anniversaries & Miscellaneous

Jean Perkins had her 5th year anniversary this month, other anniversaries included Matt Stebbins (3 years), Mike Doman ( 4 year anniversary), and Jeannine Rockefeller’s 3 year anniversary at SCF. Danielle Bonagura and Amanda Magleby did their first RX competition and did not finish last (yay!), Luis Suarez walked up & down Machu Picchu in 4 hours and also ate 3 chickens by himself while he was away. Melissa Roy ran a ½ marathon 1:57 faster than ever before and did a sprint triathlon with an open ocean swim. Kristine Capstick did her first Ragnar Relay, running 15 miles total.

Mom, Melissa, takes a breather while daughter, Chloe does some work.

Mom, Melissa, takes a breather while daughter, Chloe does some work.

We love having veteran members, and sisters, Donna and Fran at SCF!

We love having veteran members, and sisters, Donna and Fran at SCF!

It looks like husband, Erin, is hoping that his wife, Tanya, stays up there a little bit longer :)

It looks like husband, Erin, is hoping that his wife, Tanya, stays up there a little bit longer :)

Poking Holes

Poking holes in other boats doesn’t make your own go any faster“.

Wow.  So true.  Why do we so frequently attempt to “poke holes” in other people’s boats?  At work, I am always astounded by how many teachers make the extra effort to get other teacher’s in trouble.  Who cares if they are three minutes late to work, or if they stop teaching two minutes before the end of the period?  How does that affect you??

It doesn’t.  

We often think that we will glean some sort of satisfaction out of harming other people, but it really doesn’t feel that good when it actually comes to fruition.  Unfortunately, I know this to be true…

Oftentimes at the gym, I hear athletes complaining about other athletes; they’re not counting their reps correctly. They shouldn’t be doing the weight that they’re doing.  They  aren’t moving as well as they should…

That negativity is not making you any better as an athlete.

There are many ways in which we can help to improve each other, but this is not one of them.  Be the athlete that you want them to be.

Stop poking holes.  Worry about your own boat.'s WOD made everyone feel this way...

Yeah…today’s WOD made everyone feel this way…

The Browns, always working hard!

The Browns, always working hard!