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Promises, Promises

I’m not quite sure when I first heard it, but I know that I thought it was corny.  I’m not even confident that I was exactly sure what it meant, or that it even thought about it much…

The old phrase, “Wherever you go, there you are“.

I suppose that it is intended to mean that one cannot escape him/herself.  Many times, we may think that our problems are external when, in fact, they lay within us.  Therefore, wherever we go, our problems follow us.  However, this doesn’t always have to be a negative reality of life.  What about our redeeming qualities?  Wherever we go, these follow us too…right??

We often make promises to others and don’t think much of breaking them.  At times, these are easy to break, as the promisee doesn’t always consistently evaluate the promiser’s adherence to the promise.  Also, in many cases, others don’t always truly care whether or not we keep or break our promises.

Do you want to keep your promises?  How about making them solely to yourself?

Because remember: wherever you go, there you are.

You don’t fulfill the promise, and there it is tugging at your arm like a nagging child…

Strict handstand push-ups have always been a weakness of mine.  Fortunately for me <insert sarcasm>, they have become quite popular in recent CrossFit competitions.  In preparation for these, I have been doing an abundance of them in my training.  When I initially began doing them in high volume, I adjusted my hands a bit wider than is permitted in most competitions, in an effort to make them easier.  Now, time has passed, and like anything that is practiced, I have gotten better at them, however, I am still utilizing the wider hand placement.

Until yesterday…

On Friday night, I made a promise to myself that, no matter what, I would perform handstand push-ups to speculation.  Because I can.  And I should.  So, I’ll do it…even if it makes me suck at a workout.

I made a promise to myself, and I expect to stick with it.

Because it will follow me wherever I go ;)

The Eli's connection...

The Eli’s connection…

The Greek connection...

The Greek connection…

Dr. Bruce and Rock during our Labor Day WOD

Dr. Bruce and Rock during our Labor Day WOD

It's great to have Big John back! We miss him when he goes on summer vaca!

It’s great to have Big John back! We miss him when he goes away on summer vaca!

Dave and Themis....Don't drop those dumbbells!!

Dave and Themis….Don’t drop those dumbbells!!

Don't drop 'em!!!!!

Don’t drop ‘em!!!!!

Look at all those rowers!

Look at all those rowers!

At SCF, we share boxes...

At SCF, we share boxes…


August Accomplishments

The September board is already full!  I like how this fall is shaping up! Let’s see what you all accomplished in our final month of summer:

Cleans, Jerks, & PRs

Faye set a PR on her clean & jerk at 95lbs, and so did Cathyann Roding (65), Ian Douglas (205), Brian Murray (215), Kris Harris (70), Josh Vidro (210), and Bradley Roth (300). Marilyn Serna  and Katy Gomes both hang power cleaned 100lbs for a new PR, Tracey also set a hang power clean PR at 90lbs, Dean Alderman had a come back with at 235 power clean, and Jenna Lennon cleaned 160 for the first time since 2011. Kristine Capstick split jerked 145 for a new PR, Meg Testa set a deadlift PR at 330, and Monica Vidro used the 55lb kettlebell during a workout.

Anniversaries to Gymnastics Accomplishments

Roxanne Melillo had a 1 year anniversary, Laurie Marseglia had her 2 year anniversary this month, and it was also Mark Testa’s 5 year anniversary. Lisa & Robin Sandler have been together for 20 years! Kori Stewart handstand walked, Jenna Lennon did unbroken double unders in a workout, and Jess Herr did her first double unders. Melissa Roy ran a ½ marathon in 2:08:31 on two hours of sleep, Zach Bedell made it through a workout, and Lindsay Russo climbed her way to the top of a rope for the first time. Rich Sudock did 8 unbroken muscle ups which led him to 15 in 1:56 and Dean Alderman also did 15 muscle ups in 8:20. LP set a PR on “Isabel”, Amy Vernon jumped on the 20” box and Kristine Capstick performed chin ups.

And probably one of the most touching accomplishments of the month of August was Jean Perkin’s recollection of the two-year anniversary since her stroke.  She feels fitter and stronger than ever, and owes this in part to Shoreline CrossFit.  It couldn’t have been done without all of your hard work, Jean!  SCF love you!

Junie and Thomas staying fit together!

Junie and Thomas staying fit together!

The Flynns are one fit family!

The Flynns are one fit family!

We never let anyone work alone!

We never leave anyone working alone!

Zach and Megin teaming up to form a deadly combo during Saturday's partner WOD.

Zach and Megin teaming up to form a deadly combo during Saturday’s partner WOD.

Janice (AKA, "Sarg") has been strictly following the SCF Competitor's program for quite some time and her gains are AMAZING!

Janice (AKA, “Sarg”) has been strictly following the SCF Competitor’s program for quite some time and her gains are AMAZING!

Single-arm KB swings

JR and Bill with the single-arm KB swings

"You can't catch me!!"

“You can’t catch me!!” 

SCF Teams Up with The Melissa Marottoli Foundation to “Throw-Down Cancer”!

MelI would venture to say that, sadly, there isn’t a single person at SCF whose life has not been altered in some way by cancer….  Some have suffered more than others.  Picture left is Melissa Marottoli Hogan, sister of Lindsay Greenberg and Kristen Peck, and sister-in-law of Adam Greenberg and Mike Peck.  Mel was also a very dear friend to many of our clients at Shoreline CrossFit.  Mel lost her long battle to lung cancer on December 9th of 2012, at only 31 years of age, leaving the multitudes of people who loved her feeling lost and helpless.     Although Mel isn’t physically with us any longer her legacy lives on in many ways, one being the Melissa Marottoli Foundation, a non-profit organization put in place by her most beloved friends and family members.  While honoring Mel’s life, this organization also uses its profits to assist with lung cancer research and provide financial aid to families affected by cancer.  Each year, the foundation’s goal is to support groundbreaking lung cancer research, promote lung cancer awareness, and provide direct aid to families in need.  There are no paid employees.  100% of donated proceeds go to accomplish the goals of the foundation.

430 people a day die of lung cancer; This is more than breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, and melanoma COMBINED.  Less than 40% of the annual diagnosed cases are active smokers.  10-15%  of the people who are afflicted with this disease never smoked, Mel being one of them.  There is a stigma on this cancer as “the smoker’s cancer”, therefore, it is tragically underfunded.  In fact, this underfunding is one of the reasons why the survival rate for this cancer is as low as it was in 1971.  Just to give you a bit of perspective for how underfunded this cancer is as opposed to others, in 2012, breast cancer received $26, 398 per death, colon cancer $13,319, and lung cancer, a dismal $1,442.  Well, the Melissa Marottoli Foundation’s quest is to change this statistic, and YOU can be a part of it!

On NOVEMBER 15th, Shoreline CrossFit is teaming up with the Melissa Marottoli Foundation in a  team competition named, Throw-down Cancer.  It will be a two person, same-sex team competition that will have a scaled and an RX division.  There will be THREE workouts for ALL teams, and the winning teams will take home trophies that not only commemorate their win, but the life of sweet Melissa.  The minimal donation will be $100.00 per team (50 per-person).  The registration will be opened on September 15th and I will provide you with the link closer to this date.  Obviously, space is limited, so the registration will be on a first come, first serve basis.  It is open to ALL CROSSFITTERS, not just those who workout at SCF.  So please, spread the word!

Personally, I have witnessed the tragic effect that Mel’s passing had on all those in her life.  This is what Mel would want.  Come and be a part of something great, doing what you already love.