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One Week Left…Get Ready to PARRRRTTY!

Four weeks down; one week to go.

This year, Shoreline CrossFit had more athletes than EVER participate in the CrossFit Open.  And boy, is the energy in the gym palpable on Saturday mornings!

We have watched athletes get their first double-under, muscle-up and handstand push-up.  We have watched athletes set a personal record on lifts and then continue to move the same weight for multiple reps.  However, more impressive than anything at all, is the sense of community that the Open has perpetuated (those Shoreline Six Packs sure are something else!).

As most of you know, the Open has become exponentially more competitive this year, with more skillful workouts and HALF the spots open to qualify for the Northeast Regional in Hartford on Memorial Weekend.

With only one week remaining, I thought that you might want to hear some highlights from the top 50 on the leaderboard:

Chloe Shaw is in 16th in the Northeast for teens 14-16.  Trinity Flynn in in 49th!  These young ladies have gone out of their comfort zone week in and week out, despite their busy school and athletic schedules, and they will be better athletes in the end for it.

John Lynch is in FIRST PLACE in the Northeast and 18th worldwide for the Master’s 40-44 age group going into week five.  Big John never ceases to amaze us.  The top 200 men in the world go on to a Master’s qualifier in April.

I’m (LP) in 26th in the Northeast and 295th worldwide.  I need those 6 spots this week!!!  I promise to fight with all I have for them.

It is no surprise that Meg Oczcowski is in 11th in the Northeast and 102nd worldwide.  This is quite impressive when you consider that over 90,000 females participated in the Open this year!

Shoreline CrossFit’s team is currently sitting in 10th in the Northeast, with a 4th place finish in this week’s WOD.  The top 15 teams qualify for the Regional.  However, it is difficult to know where any team truly stands at this point in time, because athletes competing as individuals still have their scores factored in to the team scores. A special shout out to Coach Bradley on achieving 134 reps this week and Cesar Castro for getting 131!  Great work boys,  and to all athletes (Janice Rodriguez, Bianca Fiondella, Jenna Lennon, Adam Greenberg, Tim Chan, John Lynch, Dave Callahan, Tim Chan, Frank Vigliotti, and Shlee Vargo) who have contributed to SCF’s team standing over the past four weeks.

All this being said, what is seen in the top 50 is no reflection of the HEART I have seen go into every single workout performed by our athletes at SCF.  I have never, in the close to six years that SCF has been open, seen people so driven to achieve new goals.


This Saturday, at 11:45 am we will be having a Hasta La Vista Open 2015 Party at SCF.  Mike Piagentini will be providing us with hot dogs and hamburgers courtesy of Boars Head.  SCF will be providing some libations and additional side dishes, but we encourage you to BYOB and contribute a side dish and/or Paleo dessert.

Please EMAIL LP@ Lauren@Shorelinecrossfit.com to contribute a semi/totally-Paleo meal.


The spirit of the Open

The spirit of the Open

The Weiss Family getting closer through the Open.  Way to go!

The Weiss Family are ALL involved in The Open. Way to go!

February Accomplishments


In my opinion, this quote is comforting.  It means that there is hope for people like us.  Not naturally coordinated.  Not built to squat. Long-limbed…somewhat lacking bodily awareness, therefore gymnastically challenged, not prone to be agile…

If we are willing to work, we can still gain results; results, which are greater than those of the talented who do not work as hard.

Let’s see who achieved results this past month at SCF:

Crushing Weights

Jon Christoff set a PR on his snatch at 205lbs, as well as Jenna Lennon (120), Annalisa (80), Larry Weiss (115), Matt Lipp on his 2RM snatch (205), and Tere Testa (100lbs).  Many power clean PR’s this month included Themis Kyriakides 185lbs, Jenn Jacobson (125), Monica Vidro, Jim Astrausky (155), Katy Gomes (115), Zak McKeon (115), Rich Sudock with a 10lb PR (295), Kara Maculatis (145), and Annalisa (115).  Jenna Lennon had an 8lb PR on her clean & jerk, Tracey Appleget also set a PR on her clean & jerk (120), as well as Tricia Anderson (115), Felicia Hopkins (110), Larry Weiss (155), Mike B (205), Zak McKeon (135), Bryan Dionne (265), Will Brown (237), Erin Brown set a 15lb PR on her clean & jerk, and Tere Testa had a 5lb clean & jerk PR.  Maria DePaola deadlifted 115 for 3 reps, Monica Vidro set a PR on her 1 rep max deadlift, as well as Marty McBride (385), Tracey Applget (200), Ian Douglas (475), Zak McKeon (175), Kevin Keating (315), Tere Testa set a PR by 10lbs, LP clean grip deadlifted 315×3, Jack Yeager (315), and Cheryl Fields deadlifted 200lbs for 3 reps.  Mark Testa set a PR on both his push jerk (215) and front squat (275) and Katy Gomes split jerked 125 as a new PR.  Mary Pont set a PR on her split jerk (130), Shlee had a front squat PR, and Annalisa strict pressed 80lbs to set a PR.

Anniversaries & Miscellaneous

Melissa Roy held an unbroken plank for 5 ½ minutes, Ally Janis did her first workout with pull ups, and Jess Herr used the 14lb wall ball for the first time through an entire workout.  Geno Bontatibus did 50 unbroken double unders, Meg Testa PR’d on 30 muscle ups for time, and Sarah Lipp got her first muscle up!!  Maria DePaola jumped on the 20” box the first time in 3 years, LP can walk on her hands (officially), Tricia Anderson competed in the Master’s throwdown, and Gene Fischer became Papa Gene.  Marilyn Serna, Katy Gomes, and Amy Likens all had their one year anniversary at SCF.  Ray Garcia and Monica Vidro have both been at SCF for five years and Courtney Barnikow has been with SCF for four years!  Maryann Noniewicz had her 2 year anniversary this month too.  

No Victory Too Small

Dorito 2This is what the desk in the English Office at West Haven High School has looked like for the past week.  My boss has been on a Nacho Cheesier Dorito kick for the past month.  Well, I’m not sure how well y’all know me, but if you do, you know that I’ve been on a Dorito kick for about 33 years….A “kick” that I am able to keep under control on most occasions…

So, you can imagine the incredible temptation that presents itself when I walk into this office daily, with no one around, usually starved (because I’m there to heat up my food), and the bag wide open for the taking. That two minutes while my ground turkey is heating in the microwave usually consists of me walking to the back at least three times before turning around grabbing my weighed protein and zucchini and leaving the office.

And do you know what I say to myself?  “Nice work, girl“…Another success…

It seems so small a victory, but really, it’s not, because chances are it will lead to greater victories.

Last week, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and I saw that a friend posted, “Made it through a snow day without any wine.  This is a break-through“.  The following day, I saw, “Bought a jar of peanut butter and wasn’t a fat-a#$.  Took me a whole week to eat it“.  In this same day I saw, “Finally made it to the gym three days this week.  Makes sense since I pay for this monthly“.

All victories.  Small, but nonetheless, victories.

If you acknowledge your small victories, you are more likely to obtain greater victories.  If you are constantly berating yourself, you are more likely to throw in the towel.  Additionally, many small victories can lead to a GIANT success.

There is no victory too small for you to shout from the roof tops, even if it’s just the shouting that goes on inside of your head…





Chris L.

Chris L.