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April Accomplishments

tim-duncan-good-better-best-restSCF is Getting More Technical in Their Olympic Lifts

There were many clean and jerk PRs this month including Jenna Lennon (175), Bryce (245), Adam Greenberg (285), Amanda Magleby (150), Janice Rodriguez (200lbs. at 115lb BW), Rich Sudock (285), Paige Slocum (120), and Bill Roy (205). DP hang squat cleaned 305lbs, JR Romano push jerk 255lbs, and Bradley Roth front squatted 295lbs. for a new 5RM PR. Nick Thompson push pressed 370lbs. (that is NOT a type-O), Jenn Maselli set a PR on her jerk (150), Ian Douglas squat cleaned 195×3, Kate Prado power snatched 105lbs, and Meg Testa set a PR on her thruster (190).

Double Unders, Muscle Ups, & Other Gymnastics Achievements

Luis Suarez connected 50 double unders, Kelly Walsh got her double unders back, Ben Callahan strung together 94 double unders at 8 years old, and Scout Callahan connected 7 double unders. Bradley Roth and Mike B both did a strict deficit handstand push ups at 15 inches, Melissa Shaw did her first handstand push ups this month, and Jen Goodwin connected 6 kipping handstand push ups. Jenna Lennon handstand walked 16 feet, Becky Moriarty did kipping handstand push ups without and abmat, Joey Herten connected 4 muscle ups, and DP did his first strict muscle up then did 3 unbroken strict muscle ups. Matt Stebbins set a PR on his weighted ring dip (110lbs), Ben Callahan performed his first bar muscle up, Kristine Capstick handstand walked for the first time, and Jess Dean and Sarah Lipp performed a partner 30 muscle ups for time in 12 minutes. Sarah Lipp also connected 2 muscle ups this month and so did JR Romano who then had a perfect 10 dismount off the rings.

Anniversaries & Miscellaneous

Brittany G and Kim Doman both had their 1 year anniversary at SCF this month. Lisa Pageau and Joe Calamita have also been at SCF for 3 years, Mark DeCapua had a 2 year anniversary this month, and Amy Wozniak has been a SCF for four years this month! Chloe Shaw broke a running record at BHS for her time in the 400 meter. Go Chloe!

Be Present

[2012-05-03] Ž≥īŪĖČžěź žĚīžĖīŪŹį, žóįŽĆÄ žēě / ÍĻÄŽŹĄŪõąLooking around any high school in America these days can be a scary sight. ¬† It’s like a outtake from¬†some sci-fi drama that we never thought could possibly occur. ¬†Zombies, with their faces glued to their phones, many times selfie-snapping, snap-chatting, earbuds in, having zero¬†conversation with the peer¬†beside them who is engaged in some type of similar behavior.

I always find myself telling my students, “The person in front of you is more important than the person typing on the other end of that phone“.

What I am trying to do is encourage them to¬†be present; I desperately want them to appreciate what is directly¬†in front of them…the sounds, the smells, all of the engaging dialogue that could be had…I want them to be¬†human.

Recently, however, I had a revelation: I am not always present.  As is the case in any job, some days are awesome, and some not.  I tried to narrow the contributing factors as to why many of my days are not so awesome.

Oftentimes, I become consumed, in fact, I become¬†obsessed,¬†with correcting papers. ¬†I sit at my desk during any free second of the day, face down to the paper, red pen in hand. ¬†As my students enter the classroom, I sometime fail to greet them at the door, because I am too busy correcting their papers. ¬†I came to this realization the other day when a student raised her hand to ask for help on an assignment and I was internally perturbed because I had to leave my stack of papers, on which I was making some headway. ¬†Really, Mrs. Plumey?¬† You are a teacher, not a corrector… I was not present, not for my students, and not for myself. ¬†I, too, am missing out on all of these wonderful opportunities to be simply¬†human¬†with my students.

How often are we missing out on experiences because we are not present?  How often are we not appreciating what we are doing and getting the full fufillment that could be had because we are thinking about what we have to do next, or simply because our brains are elsewhere?

Yesterday, a client approached me, covered in sweat, after his workout and said, “I love this place. It feels so good.¬† I am so stressed all day long and then I come here”. ¬†Now, there is someone enjoying the present.

For many of you, the gym is your escape, your “adult playground”.¬†Are you allowing distractions to cloud your mind and detract from your experiences? ¬†It is important to be present in order to feel each movement and focus on that¬†feel¬†in order to do it properly, and to do so continuously. ¬†If you are allowing anything at all to get in the way during your workout-whether it be stress, technology, your ego, your children, your peers, intimidation, self-conciousness–you¬†are denying yourself the full experience that can be had if you remain in the present.

Focus on the rep that you are currently fighting to complete, not the one you screwed up previously, or the 110 more that you have to go.

It’s¬†this moment…when it’s gone, it is never to return. You never know what you could be missing out on if you are not¬†present.

Get your head out of your phone and I’ll put down the red pen. Look-up and smile.

Quong and Chu working on those summer abs :)

Quong and her “BABE” working on those summer abs :)

Andy and Ethan plugging away at those box jumps.

Andy and Ethan plugging away at those box jumps.

You Get What You Work For

You GetI am often approached by people outside of the gym and asked for workout tips. ¬†Well, not so much workout tips, but the usual, “How can I get a rounder butt?”, “How can I get a sixpack?”, “How can I tone my arms?” You get the idea…

My answer: there is no magic pill–exercise regularly and diet.

It’s that simple. But, for most, it’s not easy.

People ask me about weight-loss surgery, diet pills, surgery to remove fat and re-locate it to other locations, etc… Sure, you can do these things, but people that do,¬†still¬†have to work to maintain the results of whatever fat/weight-loss method¬†they choose to use. ¬†You cannot get the body that you desire and it¬†magically¬†remain this way for all eternity.

There’s nothing magical about a healthy body. ¬†It’s earned. ¬†It’s worked for. Again and again

This is also the case of any skill that you are wishing to procure both in the gym and in life.  You have to work for it.

Every skill that you see any admirable CrossFit athlete perform, has been painstakingly worked for.  The problem is, you see the result showcased, thus causing you to forget the time and the effort that it took to acquire this.

I’m sorry, but I have to bring it up…

During Workout 15.3 of CrossFit Open, everyone at the gym wanted muscle-ups.  People were in the gym from 5 am to 9 pm working to attain muscle-ups in hopes of getting at least one in this workout.

Where are you all now?

I got my first muscle-up at¬†CrossFit Milford on Christmas Day. ¬†Granted, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I typically don’t work out on days when the gym is closed. ¬†However, I wanted a muscle-up so badly at this point, that there were no days off from the gym when I had muscle-up skill work programmed.

I worked for my muscle-ups.  I got my muscle-ups.

If we want a skill, we need to put the time in outside of class to acquire it.

Why do teachers give homework? Contrary to what most students believe, it is NOT because we want them to suffer.  It is because it imparts skills and practice on topics, which teachers do not have time to cover in class.

How about getting some “homework” for development on a certain skill you desire to possess? ¬†Then, coming in early or staying late to work on this homework? ¬†There are certain skills that cannot be acquired with merely an hour a day. ¬†So, the question is: how bad do you want it???

If the desire is there, ask one of your coaches for some “homework”.

There is no magic pill. ¬†You¬†don’t always get what you wish for, you get what you work for.

True bros lift face-to-face...

True bros lift face-to-face…

It's great to have Becky M. in night classes every now and then!

It’s great to have Becky M. in night classes every now and then!

Themis, working hard in his Russian twists today.

Themis, working hard in his Russian twists today.

It feels good to be outside running again!

It feels good to be outside running again!

My best attempt at being photojournalistic (look closely to see what's going on in the background!)

My best attempt at being photojournalistic (look closely to see what’s going on in the background!)

Mia and Yumi, getting stronger by the day!

Mia and Yumi, getting stronger by the day!