SCHEDULE UPDATE: Starting January 28th, CrossFit Symmetry will be back on the schedule every Saturday at 10:30 am.

A Summer of PRs!

While the summer brings sunshine, relaxation, downtime with the family, and picnic after picnic, it usually is accompanied by weight gain, and inconsistency at the gym. As coaches, we have grown accustomed to seeing class sizes dwindle, especially during the month of August. We cannot say how ecstatic we were to see larger class sizes of this August then we have ever seen in the past. As a result of this, look at all of the amazing accomplishments that were made by our athletes during the course of the summer!

If you found yourself falling into the rut that excessive eating, drinking, and an inconsistent gym schedule, tell yourself today that you are going to get back on track this fall! If you need some extra motivation, feel free to email any of your coaches at Shoreline Athletics. I guarantee that they can give you the push you may need. Honestly, the majority of the battle is just walking back through the doors. So; let’s do it; I’ll see you tonight! Perhaps your name will be on the accomplishment board for September.

July Accomplishments

Back squat PR’s this month included Kristine Capstick (205), Kara Mac (205), Mark DeCapua (315), Eric Nevarez (370), Ian Douglas (385), Dave Brownell (235), Celeni Perez (215), Tarun(300), John Pomeroy (275), and Junie Richardson (150).  Matt Stebbins set a PR on his strict press (135), Tim Harmon overhead squatted 300lbs, and Paul Emery strung together 3 ring muscle ups.  Katy Williams connected 20 double unders, jumped on the 24” box during a workout, and had her 5 year anniversary at SCF this month!  Mark Testa performed 5 unbroken bar muscle ups and Jenn Gregoretti did 60 strict pull ups during a workout.

August Accomplishments

Hakuna MaSquata PRs:

Dave Plumey set an old/new PR on his back squat (405), Ben Callahan hang power cleaned 90lbs, and Matt Stebbins set a PR on his back squat (305) and overhead squat (215).  There were lots of front squat PR’s this month including Tarun (250), Eddie Angiollo (300), Amanda Magleby (201), Paul Emery (225), John Pomeroy (205), Mark DeCapua (275), Eric Nevarez (310), Amy Wozynk (155), Themis K (255), Fabio LoNero (295), Bianca Fiondella (225), Fran Esposito (95), and Ella McBride (100).  Bianca Fiondella PR’d on her overhead squat (185) and squat clean (210), John Pomeroy power snatched 125lbs, Amy Wozynk set a PR on her deadlift (235), Lara McGlashan power snatched 90lbs, and Nick Katz back squatted 285lbs for a new PR.  


Upper Body Pulling PRs and Anniversaries:

Amy Wozynk set a PR on her weighted pull up at 35lbs, Fabio LoNero did his first workout with ring push ups, and Mark Testa did six unbroken bar muscle ups.  Meg Testa set a PR on 30 muscle ups for time (3:41), Dave Brownell strung 32 double unders together, and Terry O’Hara did 25 chin ups and 10 pull ups in a workout.  Tracey Applegate strung together 26 double unders, Dave Brownell joined the muscle up club this month, and Teresa Testa performed 15 pull ups in a row!  Paul Emery strung together 4 ring muscle ups and set a PR on his weighted chin up (40lbs), Dave Brownell had his one year anniversary at SCF this month, and this month was Mark Testa’s 7 year anniversary at SCF!

A huge congrats to Coach Meg (pictured here post-WOD with coach for the weekend, and boyfriend, Zach) on placing 14th at the Granite Games this past weekend.  This was a grueling weekend of workouts in Minnesota, which Meg qualified for out of 2000 female athletes.  SA is so proud!

A huge congrats to Coach Meg (pictured here post-WOD with coach for the weekend, and boyfriend, Zach) on placing 14th at the Granite Games this past weekend. This was a grueling weekend of workouts in Minnesota, which Meg qualified for out of 2000 female athletes. SA is so proud!

Summer GainZ

While Davidsdottir and Fraser were crushing the CrossFit Games this weekend, you guys have been CRUSHING IT within the walls of Shoreline Athletics this summer! Let’s see who setting goal and achieving them:

Greg Papuga set a PR on his push press (275×2), Matt Stebbins set a PR on his push press (200) and overhead squat (215), and Tim Harmon pulled 475lbs for a new deadlift PR.  Cooper Callahan PR’d on his front squat at 83lbs and push jerk at 75lbs. Kristine Capstick PR’d on both her squat snatch (100) and hang power clean (135), Bianca Fiondella full snatched 137lbs for a new PR, and Jeter Decusati push pressed 70lbs.  Nuno Olivera deadlifted 415lbs, Mary Pont also set a PR on her deadlift (225), and Ben Callahan from squatted 91lbs.

Upper Body Pulling Improving Every Month

Bianca Fiondella did her first strict muscle up, Jen Gregoretti did 40 strict pulls and 100 regular pull ups in a workout, and Katy Williams also did her first strict pull ups. Amy Wozniak did her first bar muscle up, Becky Moriarty got her toes to bar, and Joe Herten set a “Murph” PR with a vest in 42:24.

Heavy Squats and Deadlifts, Not a Problem!

There were many deadlift PR’s this month including Larry Weiss (295), Melissa Roy (225), Shara Martel (265), Thomas Richardson (335), Jonathan Snyder (425), Krystina Carofano (240), Laurie Marseglia (205), Charly Weiss (215), Tracey Appleget (250), Christine Vogt (265), Kaitie Witt (145), Carmen Mazurek (265), John Pomeroy (285), Celeni Perez (250), Nick Thompson (565), Ben Callahan (178), Tim Verillo (545), Scot Manley (360), Alex Hernandez (355), Junie Richardson (155), and Meg Testa (360). Lots of athletes also set new PR’s on their front squats including Larry Weiss (245), Dean Alderman (317), John Boughton (200), John Pomeroy (185), Junie Richardson (125), Themis Kyriakides (245), Charly Weiss (115), Tricia Anderson (115), Lisa Pageau (110), Alicia Wills (150), Jess Hoover (150), Joletta Cavalier (135), Nick Thompson (425), Jen Gregoretti (150), Nuno Olivera (280), and Kristine Capstick (175). Becky Moriarty set a PR on her back squat (155), Kristine Capstick overhead squatted 125 for 5 reps, and Paul Emery hang power cleaned his body weight for 3 reps.

Gymnastics Accomplishments & Our Very First On Ramp Anniversaries

Paul Emery regained his muscle ups this month, Mark Testa strung together two bar muscle ups, and Mike Dalton did his first muscle this month! Krystina Carofano did unbroken toes to bar, Ben Callahan did 110 unbroken double unders, while his brother, Cooper Callahan, strung together 104 double unders! Rich Sudock, Mike Doman, Tricia Anderson, Lisa Sandler, Bill Roy, Robin Sandler, Bruce Caldarone, and Meghan Elgee all had their SIX year anniversary at SCF this month (way to COMMIT FIRST ON-RAMP EVER!)!

Congratulations to Jimmy Williams and Coach Chu on Jimmy's success on Friday night.  12-0 BABY!!!

Congratulations to Jimmy Williams and Coach Chu on Jimmy’s success on Friday night. 12-0 BABY!!!

Who’s a Member of the Meg-O Fan Club?!!

Meg Snatch

It’s finally here!  A weekend that many of us look forward to all year long: The East Regional!

This year, Shoreline Athletics is fortunate to once again, have Megin Oczcowski representing us in the ladies individual competition.  I’m not quite sure that you all realize what a BIG DEAL this really is. Qualifying for a Regional is more difficult than it was to qualify for the CrossFit Games just a few years ago.  Very few gyms get the privilege of having an athlete represent them in the team competition, let alone as an individual.  Those who qualify are by all means elite athletes; no one qualifies by accident.  All make training a lifestyle; for most, CrossFit becomes a full-time job.

meg ohs

Megin is no exception to this rule.

In case you haven’t noticed, it seems as if Meg has not stopped training for the past five years that she has qualified for Regionals…this is because she hasn’t.

I’ve blogged about Meg in the past, and I’m quite confident that you’re all aware of the hard work, tenacity, and dedication that she puts in day in, and day out, but this year, I noticed something new…

Meg has matured as a CrossFitter.

Workout number two is comprised of strict handstand push-ups (for Meg, easy-peasy), 53 lbs KB snatches (Meg-all day long), and strict muscle-ups….here, was the hiccup.  When this workout was announced, Meg did not have them.  3 weeks out from a competition that she literally trained an entire year for, and in the second workout, she could potentially be eliminated.  The old Meg would’ve cried (and it’s quite possible that she did in private, or to Zach).  The old Meg would’ve had meltdowns during training.  But, the new Meg sent me this for comic relief:


Then she put her head down and WORKED.  Gymnastic studios, gymnastic coaches, and LOTS of practice up on those rings. She didn’t waste any time pouting, or focusing on what this workout could do to her standing.  She fixed it. And she actually made it look like she enjoyed the process.

 CrossFit maturity.

This competition doesn’t only mean a great deal to Meg, it also means a lot to her ultra-dedicated, UBER-supportive coach, Chu.  Chu, too, has spent countless hours in the gym, and behind a computer, working with Meg.  Any parent will tell you that they are far more concerned with watching their child thrive than they are themselves; this is much the same with the coach/athlete relationship.  Megin’s successes are Chu’s successes; Megin’s struggles are Chu’s struggles.

Chu lending some moral support to his favorite athlete

Chu lending some moral support to his favorite athlete

So, come out Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and support SCF’s MEG-O-TRON.  Watch her do her thing!

I’ll be there in spirit this year, screaming at my TV from home.  For the rest of you, the information below should help you make it there to be Meg’s biggest cheerleaders.

LET’S DO THIS, SCF!!!!!!!!


Friday, May 27th through Sunday, May 29th

Times Union Center (approximately 2 hours and 30 m from Shoreline Athletics) for venue information as well as local hotel & restaurant information.


51 South Pearl Street

Albany, NY 12207

$75 for a 3-day pass

$30 for single day passes

The competition begins at 8:45 AM each day with the Team events. 

  • On Friday, the Women’s events begin at 11:55 AM. 
  • On Saturday, the Women’s events begin at 11:40 AM.
  • On Sunday, the Women’s events begin at 11:45 AM.
DAY 1 – Friday 5/27
Team Event 1 – 9:00-10:15 am
Team Event 2 – 10:30-11:15 am
Team Event 3 – 11:20 am-12:05 pm
Women Event 1 – 12:10-1:10 pm
Men Event 1 – 1:15-2:15 pm
Women Event 2 – 2:25-4:04 pm
Men Event 2 – 4:15-5:55 pm
 DAY 2 – Saturday 5/28
Team Event 4/5 – 9:00-10:15 am
Team Event 6 – 10:30-11:45 am
Women Event 3 – 11:55 am-1:15 pm
Men Event 3 – 1:25-2:45 pm
 DAY 3 – Sunday 5/29
Team Event 7/8 – 9:00-10:00 am
Team Event 9 – 10:10-11:40 am
Women Event 6 – 12:00-1:20 pm
Men Event 6 – 1:30-2:50 pm
Women Event 7 – 3:05-3:45 pm
Men Event 7 – 3:50-4:30 pm

There are parking garages all around the Times Union Center. Here’s the ticket master link to purchase your tickets!