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One Rep

One rep at a time.  One after one, after one.

That’s how I got through the 100 chest-to-bar pull-ups in the fourth workout of the 2013 Northeast Regional.  I only heard my judge say “five“, and then the next thing that I heard was “ninety-seven“.

Then I was done–In fact, I came off of the bar faster than some of the girls who were chunking reps together in their pull-ups.

But I went one rep at a time.

I’m in no way asserting that this is the best way to perform every CrossFit WOD, but sometimes, when your body reaches complete physical exhaustion, and you simply do not have the skill-set necessary to perform multiple connected reps, you’ve gotta’ take it one at time.

And take note that I was unconscious of the workload left in front of me.  I never really thought about the seventy some-odd reps that I had to go, once I was thirty pull-ups in.  I focused on the task that was immediately in front of me…and that was that one single rep…

And wouldn’t you know it, that was my best overall finish in any workout that weekend! I actually tied the female that came in first and is heading to Carson for the Games.

Some situations in our lives may call for one rep at a time.  Life can be hard…it IS hard; it throws obstacles and curveballs in our face that don’t always have an immediate solution.  We have a tendency to take on too much, to “chunk” too many reps together.  When this occurs, oftentimes we find ourselves overwhelmed, frustrated, and ready to quit.

How about just focusing on the next step, small as it may be, in front of us?  Perhaps this may be the only only way to cope with life’s most daunting tasks.

Stop thinking about rep ninety when you are only at rep thirty.

Chances are, if you really focus…and focus hard…on where you are and the next step that you need to take to get to the ultimate goal, you may just find yourself at rep 100 before you know it.

And who knows…maybe you’ll find yourself there before you expected, ahead of everyone else.….

And now a few more great shots from Regionals:

How could this photo not make you happy???!

How could this photo not make you happy???!

One of my favorite bods in CrossFit: Jennifer Hunter-Marshall.  She placed 14th at this year's Regional

One of my favorite bods in CrossFit: Jennifer Hunter-Marshall. She placed 14th at this year’s Regional

The famous "Dunn Muscle-up Face"

The famous “Dunn Muscle-up Face”

And this face never gets old!

And this face never gets old!

So focused...

So focused…

The best part of CrossFit.

The best part of CrossFit. 

One Response for One Rep

  1. Tracy Nigosanti:
    June 02, 2013 09:11 pm

    Hey LP…I think about what you said “one rep at a time” this gets me through, thank you! Also, today with my last round, in the masters class, John Lynch was so supportive. He gave me the encouragement and strength to kick it. There is such an amazing energy….I Love It!!