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A Generation of Warriors

How many times have you heard it said, or perhaps said it yourself?  I know that I’ve said it at least a dozen times…

I wish I had found CrossFit sooner.

I’ve heard athletes state that they wish they found CrossFit in high school to better their football, lacrosse, or soccer games.  I’ve also heard people say that they wished they had it to make them stronger sooner to avoid certain injuries.  Naturally, I agree with these comments, but they fail to hone in on the important, the real, intangible and unmeasurable qualities that are developed through CrossFit…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spectating at the CrossFit Milford Kid’s competition.  I departed nothing short of inspired.

I watched young athletes, ages 5-17, do exactly what us “old folks” do daily in the box in a room full of screaming, adult spectators.  As  I watched them surmount mental and physical obstacles that we all combat through CrossFit, one thought prevailed: CrossFit is raising a generation of confident, problem-solving, tenacious, self-challenging individuals that refuse complacency and promote constant self-improvement.

I mean, seriously, it would have been great to find CrossFit in my teens because I’d be stronger and faster now, but the true gifts this sport has given me are not measured in pounds or kilograms.  To have the confidence that I possess, thanks to CrossFit, as a teenager, would have saved me a bit of pain and frustration throughout my twenties.  To have the problem-solving abilities and the never-give-up, “I think I can. I think I can” attitude early on, would have been of unmeasurable value.

These athletes, that I watched compete yesterday, already possess these treasures.

Take for instance, SCF’s young athlete, Samir (Jackie Esposito’s son):  When he found out that Sunday’s competition called for double-unders, he relentlessly practiced them in the camo room every time he accompanied his mother to the gym.  When Sunday came, he was banging out unbroken sets of double-unders during WOD three.  What do you think this taught Samir about the value of hard work, and the ability to problem solve? The majority of today’s youth have no sense of delayed gratification.  CrossFit teaches us that we must work hard to achieve our goals and there are no if, ands, and buts about it.

Then we have Samir’s young friend, Josh, who right before WOD three was considering scaling or backing-out completely because of the double-unders.  We chatted about the pros and cons of of going scaled, and that in choosing to go Rx’d, he may spend 12 minutes (the time domain for this workout) “practicing” double-unders in front of the crowd.  Josh chose to go Rx’d.  He took his double-unders one rep at a time, and NEVER lost his cool.  He earned an impressive three rounds in this workout.  Don’t tell me that this was not a lesson in being tenacious despite obstacles that he will never forget??

We joked about the children at this competition mimicking that which they see their parents do. There were 10-year-olds wearing knee supports, k-tape, sports bras, and Lulu shorts, but at they end of the day, CrossFit is teaching them to mimic something much greater:  these invaluable, cherished qualities that we have all gained thanks to CrossFit.


If you are interested in signing your child up for our kid’s/teens classes, visits the Kids/Teens page for details.


Samir placed 7th overall in his age group. Way to go!

    Josh, working hard in WOD 3. Joh placed 12th in his age group.

Josh, working hard in WOD 3. Joh placed 12th in his age group.

    I could've watched the crowd cheer on these kids all day long!

I could’ve watched the crowd cheer on these kids all day long!

    Ethan Shaw placed 4th overall in his age group. Way to go!

Ethan Shaw placed 4th overall in his age group. Way to go!

    Mackenzie Walsh proved she has A LOT of HEART in this competition. She placed 6th in her age group, and absolutely destroyed WOD 2!

Mackenzie Walsh proved she has A LOT of HEART in this competition. She placed 6th in her age group, and absolutely destroyed WOD 2!


3 Responses for A Generation of Warriors

  1. Maryann N.:
    June 04, 2013 07:52 am

    So true! You don’t know how many times I have said to myself, “I wish I had found Crossfit sooner!” Even last year instead of this year would have been good! As I approach my 49th birthday, however, I am still so grateful for having found Crossfit this year. (Shout out to Kim Walsh here!) I look forward to a healthy set of “50’s”– and beyond– as a result.

    Your blog made me think about a quote within one of my favorite essays written by Robert Hastings called ‘The Station.” ( http://thestationessay.com/ if you are interested in reading it) It reads:
    ” It isn’t the burdens of today that drive men mad, but rather regret over yesterday and the fear of tomorrow. Regret and fear are twin thieves who would rob us of today.”

    So rather that focusing on regretting my lost time with my late start to Crossfit, I savor every moment of my time there, and look forward to the years ahead I get to enjoy. One day at a time though. One rep at a time.

    As the mother of 2 girls, I hope to get them to SCF as well in the future. I agree, the life skills, not just the physical aspect, one receives by participating are invaluable. So let’s set our kids up for success. Let them benefit from some of our life lessons that perhaps we discovered later in life, as in my case.

    Thanks for all you do to set us, as members, up for success…no matter what our age…or ability level. It is greatly appreciated by all of us!

    1. Kim Walsh:
      June 04, 2013 11:17 am

      Maryann-so happy you are part of the SCF community! So proud of you and your accomplishments over these past months! Looking forward to our 50’s! 🙂

    2. LP:
      June 04, 2013 09:14 pm

      Thanks Maryann! I love that essay too! I think I have even posted it in older blogs. Keep up that positive attitude!