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Spring Accomplishments

You guys have been killing it lately! Remember: set SMART goals in the gym in order to gain more progress.  These goals must be:


Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, & Rope Climbs

Janie did regular burpees.  Her and Reenie both  jumped on a 20” box!  Ashley Bogart did 6 chest to bar pull ups, while Ashley Banks did 8 unbroken, Fabio LoNero did 2 unbroken chest to bar pull ups, a whole WOD with unbanded pull ups, and 5 unbroken regular pull ups, Stefanie Stebbins and Matt L did kipping pull ups in a WOD, and Kori Stewart did 5 unbroken pull ups.  Will Brown got his bar muscle up and both Luis and Annalisa did handstand push ups.  Kori Stewart climbed all the way up the real rope, Ashley Banks did 45 unbroken double unders, Luis got his first double unders, and Bianca Fiondella finally got a muscle up!  Bill Roy got his first bar muscle up, Becca did toes to bar in a WOD the whole way through, and even though Melissa Roy is afraid of falling, she climbed up the entire knotted rope.

Getting H-U-G-E!

Eric Nevarez snatched 150 while Janie deadlifted the same weight and Bianca Fiondella deadlifted 275.  Brett Porter had a front squat PR (200), Karlee Hackett had a snatch PR, and LP PR’d on her squat clean.  Matt Lipp clean & jerked a new 1RM (250) and a new 3RM (245).  There were lots of back squat PR’s this month including Ian Douglas (370), Rich Sudock by 15lbs (405), Ashley Banks (215), Kristine Capstick by 20lbs (195), Mary Pont (150), Janie (125), Fabio LoNero by 40lbs (315), and Meg Testa (295).  Bill Roy PR’d on his 3RM Jerk (185), Chris Brunzie PR’d on his 1RM & 3RM hang power clean at 210 & 195.  Bradley Roth PR’d on his front squat by 30lbs (305), Meg Testa PR’d on her clean (215), Janie strict pressed 75lbs and Jean Perkins had the best ever strict press.

Lots of Running

Aidan LaVigne had a 20 second 5k PR.  Melissa Roy PR’d on her 800m run (3.33), 1 mile run (7:51), and shaved 3 minutes of the Delaney Dash 4 miler.  Myke PR’d on death by 10m to 21 and Karlee PR’d on her 1 mile time (7.05).


Al Chavez & Eliza Baum both had their 1 year anniversary at SCF (also one year smoke-free!!) along with Heather Myers who has been with us for 3 years, Karlee Hackett and Ashley Banks for 2 years.  Joey Herten had a “Grace” PR (2:19),   LP PR’d on “Jackie”, Kathy Boni PR’d on “Murph JR” by 3 minutes, and Bill Roy PR’d on “Murph” by 18 minutes (40.25),  Jeannine PR’d by 11 minutes and Matt Stebbins also had a “Murph” PR (37:37).  Janie lost 80lbs since joining SCF 6 months ago!  Chris Bruno took 8 rest days this month (I bet you still were at the gym J).  Ray Garcia came back on June 1st and Tricia Anderson is back from a past injury!  LP placed 9th at the Northeast Regional and Meg OT placed 7th. Last but not least, DP’s “abs are sick!”

Set some new goals and let’s have at ’em!!

Anyone setting muscle-ups as their goal???

Anyone setting muscle-ups as their goal???

One Response for Spring Accomplishments

  1. Tricia Anderson:
    June 06, 2013 09:39 am

    Goal: break bad habits ~ get out of the office M&M jar !