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CrossFit: What Has it Done For You Lately?

I recently received a positive email from a client, Terry O., that made me smile from ear-to-ear that I’d like to share:

This weekend, I participated in a training to become a Special Olympics sailing coach. We were invited to a training session between 8:30 and 4PM at the Yale Sailing Club in Branford.

We sailed on 420’s for almost the entire day. These are little, power-packed racing boats that sail fast and are very reactive little boats….’lots of tacking and jibing and hiking out and moving to get around a race course….

I wasn’t expecting an extremely athletic day though. I thought that we would be in the “classroom” at least half the day and then spend time on the dock going over the boats and talking about things, like working with the athletes and how to rig the boats…..

Nope. Most of the day, we were on the water. Most of the day squatting and moving and harnessing the wind. By 3 PM, I was so unbelievably excited that we had done so much sailing. It has been 20 years since I have sailed a lot, and never have I raced. By 3:30, we went back inside to debrief….my fellow sailing coaches were exhausted, had destroyed their knees, had numerous bumps and bruises, and we all talked about the athletic needs of sailing these boats….Me, I was in as state of exhilaration. My biggest problem was needing to drink more water. Legs, arms, abs, back had all been worked out excessively for hours, and I was left wanting more. I felt strong and capable.

So, this is why I am writing to you about this…one more testimonial to why the intense nature of Cross Fit works. I experienced a day that was phenomenal, and I was able to enjoy it because I was FUNCTIONALLY strong.

Sometimes I get a little caught up in the “superficial” parts of life like my weight, growing older, what my muscles look like, etc, but this experience reminded me that the huge reason why we workout is to be able to live and move and react and play and work EASILY AND WITH GRACE in our daily lives. Moving around and putting the groceries away, or racing for hours, or cleaning your pool or riding a horse…..opportunities to move and live with your body without having to quit.

I will tell you, racing around the markers was such incredible fun. I was so incredibly thankful that I have been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half. Nothing has ever increased my fitness to this level“.

This email got me thinking about the benefits of CrossFit outside of the gym.  How does it help us in what we do besides lifting weights, or  pulling our bodyweight over a bar?  Well, we threw it out on Facebook to see what you had to say, and here are a few of the comments:

“Allows me to pick up my 85lb 5 year old and put my 35 lbs 3 year old on my back so I can carry them up the stairs to bed!” ~Paige S.

“Hmmmm… finally, something I can beat LP in for time: I’m queen vacuumer!” ~Janie K.

“Everything the army throws at us is that much easier! I miss you all at SCF” ~Marley R.

“I can run after my son who has special needs and not be winded”. ~Joe C.

“I just spent the day in “active recovery” by digging up an old rose bush, trimming a holly tree (with a hack saw and clippers), and cleaned out a closet. I was actually shocked how easy it all seemed.” ~Jenny L.

“I’m happier!! My mood was in a very low place this time last year which is the main reason why I started crossfit, now I feel happier, stronger and faster than I have been since I played soccer in high school”. ~Luis S.

“I had to help move a couch from NY to my house. 3 months ago, I wouldn’t have even attempted to help. Yesterday, I was able to help my husband carry all three sections ‘outta the van and into the house with no problem at all! I couldn’t believe it . I felt bad ass!” ~Judy O.

“Happier and focused – I love the endorphins, bar bells and sweat. It does my soul good” ~Tricia A.

Thank you for all of this AMAZING feedback! We all do CrossFit because in some way, shape, or form, we like it.  Trust me, there’s no way you could endure it otherwise.

It’s cool when it works to benefit other things as well.  Cool.

Please feel free to post additional comments in today’s blog regarding what CrossFit has done for you lately.

Looking through the SD card on our camera, I noticed that oftentimes at SCF it is a family affair:

Husband and wife, Dave and Mary

Husband and wife, Dave and Mary

Daughter and mother, Ashley and Lisa

Daughter and mother, Ashley and Lisa

While Melissa snatches her way to a fitter mom, her son and daughter look on

While Melissa snatches her way to a fitter mom, her son and daughter look on!

Mother and daughter, Teresa and Megin

Mother and daughter, Teresa and Megin

Husband and wife, Adam and Lindsay

Husband and wife, Adam and Lindsay

 Mia, catches a little breeze while mom, Deb, cools down after her WOD

Mia, catches a little breeze while mom, Deb, cools down after her WOD

One Response for CrossFit: What Has it Done For You Lately?

  1. Maryann N:
    July 02, 2013 07:27 am

    I’m stronger and more agile. I eat healthier. I sleep better and wake up early. My clothes fit better. I have more energy. I’m less stressed. I’m more resilient. I feel more confident and capable.

    I’m happier.

    i feel better than I have in years…and I’m only 4.5 months into crossfit! I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel a year from now!! Thank you!