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June Accomplishments

The month of June saw more accomplishments recorded on SCF’s accomplishment board that EVER before.  Check this thing out:


I think we need a bigger board!  Check out all of our athletes’ amazing accomplishments.  Keep on recording them on our board!

Muscle Ups, Double Unders, & Pull ups

Giovanni Torres, Bill Roy, and Mike Miniter all entered the muscle up club this month!  Matt Stebbins did 12 unbroken bar muscle ups, while Matt Lipp did bar muscle ups in a WOD and then did 22 ring muscle ups in a WOD.  Steve Signore did his first toes to bar in WOD, Victoria did toes through rings, Lisa P. did 3 kipping pull ups, and Katy W. got her ring dips!  Laurie M. did regular push ups in a WOD,  Luis kipped 6 handstand push ups, Amanda Magleby PR’d on her max unbroken double unders, and so did Matt Stebbins with 80 and Annie Marchitto with 45.

We Had A LOT of Lifting PR’s This Month!

Eric Nevarez PR’d on his overhead squat (200) and so did Rich Sudock (255).  Other back squat PR’s included Fabio LoNero (320), Eric Nevarez (340), Cynthia Delaney (230), Rich Sudock (415), Ian Douglas (375), Allyson Shields (165), Josh Vidro (285), Ron Winslow (275), Kristine Capstick (200), and Laurie M. got low on her back squat PR of 90lbs.  Janie PR’d on her hang power clean (100lbs) as well as Matt M (205),  Matt Stebbins (185, squat) , Courtney Doherty & Tricia Anderson (90), Matt Lipp (245), Bradley  Roth (290, power clean), Lisa P. (75), Rich Sudock (255), Meg Testa (210) & squat clean (225), Allyson Shields (90), and Nate Trucks power cleaned his 2 year goal of 225.  Many deadlift PR’s included Fabio LoNero by 30lbs (365), Janie (210), Matt Stebbins (340), Matt M. (405), Chris Bruno (315), Geoff Hirko deadlifted 355×3 with his previous 1RM being 335, Ian Douglas (435), Allyson Shields (235), Monica Romano (205), Kara B (235), Josh Vidro (400), Ron Winslow (285), Nate Trucks (365), and Kristine Capstick (225).  Eric Nevarez  PR’d on his clean & jerk at 205 and so did Allen Blanco, but with his clean & push press at 300lbs.  Rich Sudock PR’d on his shoulder press (195) and so did Allyson Shields (90) and Matt Stebbins (120), and Kathy Boni PR’d on her push press at 85lbs!  Bradley Roth had a snatch PR of 225 and so did Nate Trucks (165) and Meg Testa (160).  Janie did a 40lb KB Swing and snatched a 20lb. DB for the first time!

Branford Road Race & Running PR’s

Amanda Magleby and Kristine Capstick both set a PR on the Branford Road Race.  Chris K ran his first 5 mile race with 10:24 miles and Monica Romano also ran her first 5 mile race!  Bill Roy set a 7:59 PR at the Branford Road Race and Melissa Roy placed second in her age group at a sprint triathlon.  Jenn Jacobson also ran her first half marathon!


The Sandler’s, Christina Quong, Rich Sudock, Tricia Anderson, and Bill Roy all had a 3 year anniversary at SCF this month!  Allyson Shields had a 5 month anniversary and it was Ashley Bogart’s 2 year anniversary at Shoreline.  LP stuck to a game plan for the first time in a WOD and it worked!  Matt Stebbins PR’d on Crossfit Total (710) and Melissa Roy completed the weight lunge challenged with 1,846 lunges.  Janie lost 85lbs. and Courtney Doherty did her 1st performance WOD!  Bradley Roth had a “Fran” PR at 3:21. And Gene Fischer PR’d on the Branford Road Race.







Brian and

Janie, Brian and Ron W.