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The Realization of a Dream

Tonight, at 6:30 pm, I watched the class going HARD on the row-relay.  24 people…doin’ WORK…

It made me so DAMN happy…

It reminded me of an older blog from 2009.  I thought of rewriting it, and then I thought, why reinvent the wheel???

You guys are more than inspiring…

I can recall my first job: working at a buffet.  Not just any buffet, but a low class, low budget one…you know the type.  Anyway, I used to cart plates away from people that had grown so obese that they had to sit on two chairs pushed together.  People that would fill a platter with soft-serve ice cream…all for themselves.  People that would eat six pieces of fried chicken as an “appetizer.” And  people who after eating all this, would  take a dozen cookies, wrap them in napkins, and stuff them in their purses.

Even at sixteen, I knew this was gluttony.  I knew that this was what was killing Americans.  I used to stand back, and stare at my 40-table section, and it would make me LITERALLY sick to my stomach.  I used to say to myself, “I wonder how many calories are cumulatively being ingested in this dining room right now?”  And it may sound stupid, but it made me feel guilty that I assisted people to their deathbed.  The fact that I would get the women who was too obese to raise from her seat, a plate of 7 cookies, was something with which my conscience couldn’t deal.

I quit the buffet, but it would be a while before I saw the manifestation of my dream:  to do the opposite…get people doing something that would improve their lives.

There it was tonight…6:3o pm class…

I stood on the bench to take a picture of the kick-butt 6:30 class doin’ work.  I stopped, stood back, I watched…[24 people]… improving their lives.  I realized: Here’s the dream.  However, the question silently asked was not simplistically, “I wonder how many calories are being burned right now?”  It was more like, “I wonder how many precious minutes, days, and years, these athletes are adding on to their lives right now?”

So, thank you 6:30 class.  And thank you to all SCF athletes that make DP, Kelly, and I realize the dream.

The Nooner Ninjas...

The Nooner Ninjas…

Jess, focused during tonight's deadlift

Jess, focused during tonight’s deadlift


Bianca rocked today’s workout

Karlee, looking strong!

Karlee, looking strong!

Rich, doin' WORK!

Rich, doin’ WORK!


2 Responses for The Realization of a Dream

  1. Tricia Anderson:
    July 11, 2013 11:41 am

    I am happy you are happy :-). I am doing my back stretches in my chair – thanks for the tip LP

  2. Kathy:
    July 13, 2013 12:18 pm

    Another reason I love our family/community. Last night I forgot my gym bag at SCF, work clothes and valuables included. Did I rush back to grab it? No, because I knew I could retrieve it the following day with no worries. This morning I returned and there it was right where I left it. Where else could you say that??