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Today, I was driving by a local church and I saw a quote on the side out in front of it, which read:

“The cost of mediocrity is disappointment”.

I’m not exactly sure what the church’s sermon will be on this topic, but it got me thinking about the gym (most things do 😉

How many times have you done a workout and thought to yourself, “I could’ve done so much better“.  Or perhaps you have said, “That definitely wasn’t my best“.  Then, of course, there is our natural propensity to excuse our performance with some makeshift excuse (I do it too).

What is this feeling?

It’s disappointment; Disappointment caused by our mediocre performance.

You see, we only get true intrinsic rewards when we know that we have put our all into something; even if our best is someone else’s worst, it still feels good to know that we’ve given it all we’ve got.

The next time you find yourself beginning to slack in a workout, or hesitating to push yourself in a heavy lift, remember what it feels like to be mediocre.

Leave the gym feeling fulfilled, satisfied, knowing that you’ve done the best you could do on that particular day.

Refuse to be mediocre. 

Peter B. working hard during last week's box jumps

Peter B., always working hard.

One Response for Mediocrity

  1. Tricia Anderson:
    July 16, 2013 09:31 am

    LP – are you roaming around in my head again?? I just had both of these experiences – last week as I looked at everyone’s times I realized I didn’t push the 100 meter run and my time was awful. So the next wod I pushed myself to use the required weight + and not short change myself. Front lunges @ 35 and oh baby my butt cheeks were smokin for two days :-). Yee Ha I feel better.