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Stop Brushing Too Hard

I went to the dentist last week.  Once again, she was concerned with gum recession.  We tried to narrow down reason for this.  One factor we came up with was that I brush too hard.

Hmmmmm….Brushing your teeth is necessary.  It is healthy, but, I’m doing to too much and too hard.

Funny, something that is good for you, can hurt you if you are not careful.

Exercising is necessary.  It is healthy, but if we’re not careful it can be harmful.

Are you taking mandatory rest days from CrossFit, or do you find yourself going ten, sometimes fourteen days without rest?  When something hurts, do you rest it, or do you try to be a “hero” and fight through it?  Do you rush to the gym and arrive fifteen minutes late on a regular basis, just in time to begin the WOD? When you’re extremely tired, running on empty, dehydrated, or famished do you still try to squeeze in a workout?

Stop brushing too hard…

Take your rest days, go to your preventative doctors and massage therapists, eat and drink in a manner that sets you up for successful workouts, arrive at the gym with enough time to warm-up thoroughly, and when your body tells you something, listen to it.

Stop brushing too hard.

Deb, looking SOLID!

Deb, looking SOLID!

Claire showing great form in her deadlift

Claire showing great form in her deadlift.

Jean, working hard!

Jean, looking focused

Emily, gettin' stronger everyday!

Emily, gettin’ stronger everyday!

Mike S, always working hard.

Mike S, always working hard.



Chu and Stew, going head-to-head in toes-to-bar

Chu and Stew, going head-to-head in their toes-to-bar.

One Response for Stop Brushing Too Hard

  1. Mark Maturo:
    August 13, 2013 10:09 pm

    “Do you rush to the gym and arrive fifteen minutes late on a regular basis, just in time to begin the WOD?” Sorry, my job really does suck sometimes.

    LP – is it brushing? Years ago,when I lifted heavy, my dentist noticed so deterioration on my front teeth on damage to my gums. He thought I was grinding my teeth when I was sleeping but he figured out that it was due to clenching my teeth when I lift. When I went to the gym from then on, I wore a mouth-guard. This may not be a suitable explanation or something that will even work well with crossfit. But I was just trying to give you some food for thought.

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