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Keep Goal Setting; Keep Achieving



John Wooden (pictured) once said:

Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability“. 

On an initial read, this almost sounds pessimistic.  After interpreting it a bit more, you’ll find that it is actually the opposite.

Oftentimes, we undermine our achievements, especially when we compare ourselves to those around us, who, most likely, have differing abilities.

A ring-row at full range of motion is just as valuable an achievement as a muscle-up.  A single push-up off of one’s knees at full range of motion, is just as important as a first handstand push up.  Getting through a week without ingesting chocolate, is no less amazing than taking podium at a CrossFit competition.

It’s all about the athlete, not about the accomplishment.  It’s all about your ability, not that of the person beside you.

So, don’t hesitate to write your achievements on the achievement board in the main room.

Let’s see what the month of August brought by way of achievements for our athletes at SCF:

Our Gymnastics PR’s Outweighed The Weightlifting This Month:

Lisa M and Ashley Bogart both climbed the knotted rope, while Joe Calamita did his first wod with rope climbs.  Mary Pont did pistols, Giovanni Torres finally got toes to bar,  Tracy Nigosanti and Jim Yakimoff both did 100 double unders in a WOD and Jeanine did handstand holds for the first time.  Jesse McCarty did his first muscle up then did 5 unbroken!  Kristine Capstick mastered kipping handstand push ups and Dom Carew, Diane M, and Kathy Boni both did their first rope climb.  Alicia W did her first kipping pull ups, double unders, and handstand push ups, Joey Herten did a 1 arm handstand hold, and Kevin Blanco did an L-sit rope climb.

Some PR’s on Every Lift

Liz Canning PR’d on her back squat and Mary Pont PR’d on her deadlfit (195).  Amanda Magleby also set a deadlift PR at 275! Jenn Jacobson overhead squatted 95lbs for a new 1RM and Meg Testa PR’d on her front squat (245) and clean & jerk (220).  Nick T. SHOULDER pressed 275×3!!


It was Katy Williams 2 year anniversary this month at SCF, as well as Laurie M and Frank Hubbell’s 1 year anniversary, Emily and Mary Kate have been with us for 3 years , and it was Donna, Fran, and Mark Testa’s 4 year anniversary!  Melissa Roy completed an Olympic length triathlon and Amanda Magleby competed in her first RX competition.  Alicia W also beat Jad in a workout twice and Meg Testa PR’d on “Isabel” (2:16) & “Helen” (8:47).  Susan F’s accomplishment is that she is still alive!

Keep ’em coming!  We love it!

Here are the final pictures that I have to share from our anniversary competition:

Congrats to Colleen (pictured) and Justin on their recent nuptials!

Congrats to Colleen (pictured) and Justin on their recent nuptials!

Mrs. Brown, always supportin' her man!

Mrs. Brown, always supportin’ her man (along with other 6:30pm supporters, Eliza and Zach)!

Like mother, like daughter!

Like mother, like daughter!

Eddie A going hard on the row...hey, where is his partner???

Eddie A going hard on the row…hey, where is his partner???

Endurance coach, Dougie, always a great cheerleader!

Endurance coach, Dougie, always a great cheerleader!