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Let Your Mind Play Tricks On You

A few weeks ago, the competitor’s program had 5 sets of max double-unders.  For me, this is quite intimidating, because it means a lot of double-unders.  My first set, I got 285 reps.

uggghhhhhh…In my head, I had a moment where I was ready to “quit”; not literally quit, but simply to not give it my best attempt.  I figured I’d do 100 reps and call it a day for the next four rounds.

But something happened when I begin my second set, and every set after that.  When I got to 100, I told myself to do ten more reps.  After that ten, I decided to do ten more.  And then ten more, and ten more, and ten more….I got more reps the second set than I did in the first.  I did this for all subsequent sets, achieving over 250 reps in every set.

All because I told myself to do ten more reps.  In fact, I tricked myself into believing that I was truly only going to do ten more.

Why not try this technique every time you want to quit, slow down, or rest?  Tell yourself to perform two, five, or ten more reps.  Trick yourself into not resting when your brain tells you that you need to do so, but your body still has more in the tank.  Sometimes you may only get two more reps, but other times, who knows~~perhaps you’ll get 100 more?

In the words of John Milton, “The mind is it’s own place”.  You can truly make a situation what you want it to be.  Your mind can make you the strongest athlete or the weakest athlete.

You decide.

Shana, and Maggie

Shana, Shana, and Maggie

Alicia, working on those turkish get-ups

Alicia, working on those turkish get-ups


3 Responses for Let Your Mind Play Tricks On You

  1. Rich Sudock:
    September 24, 2013 09:15 am

    This happened to me during last night’s WOD and I was so mad at myself after. During my last round I rested after 10 thrusters and then dropped the wall ball after 15. Physically I could have continued, but my mind was telling me that I was too tired and needed a break. I have been here over 3 years and the hardest thing for me has been to get my mind as strong as my body. Frustrating.

  2. Tricia Anderson:
    September 24, 2013 10:24 am

    DB are hard for me because of a challenging right shoulder. I use the 20lb db in the WODs but sometimes I keep the 15 near me just in case it gets too much. Knowing I have an “out” I challenge myself to not giving in to that lesser weight. It always works – 20lbs are hard but there is no pain so I don’t give in. I win 🙂

  3. Elicia:
    September 24, 2013 02:40 pm

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