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Your Circle of Influence

They say you can’t change the world.  And perhaps it is true.  But what if you could change one person in the world?  And then, because of this change, they change someone else’s life a bit.  Haven’t you then, in some small way, in essence, changed the world?

Last week, I competed in a CrossFit workout for the Homecoming Pep Rally in front of my entire school, both the students and faculty.  I do this yearly because the kids love to see their teachers lift weights, because each year I am challenged by the same teacher, and I can’t resist a challenge, but mostly I do it because I love CrossFit, and I want to share what makes me so happy with the rest of my world.

The week following this competition I had three surprising encounters:

First, I was approached by one of the oldest teachers in the building (she is almost 70) told me that she was “changed” by my “display”, and that for the first time in a long while, she walked for exercise.  She explained that she knew that it was “nothing” compared to what I was doing, but that it was the most exercise that she has done in years. I assure he that for her this was more than what I had done.  She walked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night.  I was more than touched

Then, the following day, I was exiting the mailroom and a teacher that I have only spoken to once or twice, approached me.  I was surprised when she told me that our performance was “inspiring” and “motivating beyond words” and that she planned to send me an email outlining how much it affected her.  Cool stuff

Lastly, I received an email from a retired administrator who always scared me (it’s true…).  She talked about embarking on a new fitness journey during her retirement.  She wanted to “up her game”, and saw pictures of me from the pep rally.  She wants to begin personal training. Awesome

I can in no way claim ownership over solely inspiring these people to become healthier and fitter; I was fortunate enough to stumble over CrossFit six years ago when a friend/trainer introduced it to me, but these small anecdotes exemplify the power of our circle of influence.

Tell the people you love about your weight loss.  Tell them about the foods you eat.  Tell them it’s a lifestyle.  Tell them about your workouts.  Tell them how you felt before you walked into the gym.  Tell them how you felt during.  But tell them about the glorious feeling afterwards.  Tell them of your PR’s .  Tell ’em how you snatch, and indulge with them in their giggles after you use that word.  Tell them about the friends you made.  Tell them how these friends cheer for you when you’re down and you do the same for them. Tell them about the one striation you saw in your stomach this morning. Tell them how CrossFit made you more industrious at work.  Tell them how it made you walk with your head a little higher and your shoulders a bit more back.

Tell them…

Because you never know who you’re affecting.  Too many people run around spitting negativity.  Tell them about the good.

Your story can be their story.  Then their story can be someone else’s.

Never underestimate your circle of influence.

A prego, Jill, still proves herself a good partner for sister, Kara.  Looking good, girls!!

“I’m waiting!” A prego, Jill, still proves herself a good partner for sister, Kara. Looking good, girls!!

and Josh

Rick Ross and Josh


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  1. Nate J.:
    October 16, 2013 12:15 pm

    Love this blog LP! Great stuff!