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Tommy’s Magic Hands


I knew the title would get you to read this blog.

But it’s true.  Tommy has magic hands.

We’ll maybe not any more than any other person who’s ever spotted another in a bench press.

Friday, I was feeling weak.  I went in for a set of 5 reps at 135.  The week prior, I was able to do 150 for 5.  I was frustrated because I was struggling to get 135 up twice.  I knew that there was no way that I’d lost this strength in a week and I expressed this to Tommy who was on the bench beside me.  He asked me if I wanted a spot, and I agreed.

Then, something amazing happened...135 went up like paper.  I then proceeded to go up, and, up and up in weight, and to my surprise, I set a personal record by 10 lbs for a single rep!  Tommy never once touched the bar, he merely performed the standard spot, holding his fingers underneath the bar as it went down and as I pressed it up…

Tommy’s hands are magic

Not really (sorry, bro…most people will only read the title of this blog and the rumors will spread 😉 What is magic, however, is our brain.

Just merely seeing his hands under the bar, made me believe that I could lift it.  It gave me the confidence to put it all out there.

Unfortunately, not every lift in CrossFit can have a spotter, and many times, there are no “spotters” in our lives.  Somehow, in both sport and life, we have to figure a way to do it on our own.  But how?

Stop doubting your strength.  Start believing.  The second you doubt yourself, that bar ain’t goin’ nowhere (we’ll perhaps down)…And the metaphorical “bar” in life won’t move either.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Convince yourself that you can do it.  Approach that bar with purpose; like you’re ‘gonna do some damage to it.

And I’m sure Tommy would be sure to lend you his hands if you need them…

I want you to have this kind of confidence...that's right, Sean!

I want you to have this kind of confidence…that’s right, Sean!

Could Amanda look any better!  Looking STROOONNG!

Could Amanda look any better! Looking STROOONNG!

Sarah G. looking confident!

Sarah G. looking confident!


One Response for Tommy’s Magic Hands

  1. Tricia Anderson:
    October 22, 2013 09:02 am

    While I didn’t have Tommy’s hand’s on me, I did have Dave’s eyes on my lifts yesterday. When someone is watching, cheering you on it gives you more strength – call it adrenaline or pride not to fail, but somehow it just works – thank you Dave – 75lbs – check. Nice pictures of the lovely and strong ladies and of course my strong, flexable Hulk. Between hulk and “Wreck it Ralph” you have no idea what goes on in my house 🙂