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Leave the Victim at The Door

 Everyone has a story.  Many of us have messy components of our past.  Most of us come to CrossFit as a means of therapy.  For some it’s physical therapy; for some it is mental.  But for most, it’s a little bit of both.

Some of you are here to put an end to battles, both mental and physical, that began many years ago.  Some of you are working through newly found battles.

On this season of The Biggest Loser, there is a man named David.  His story is heart-wrenching. Six months after his wife and he were married, she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  She courageously found brain cancer for the next ten years.  In the interim, she became pregnant and lost the baby in her third trimester.  After this devastating event, David and his wife were fortunate enough to have two children, both girls.  Prior to his wife’s death, David promised his wife that he would take the best possible care of his daughters, then ages four and six. He promised her that he would always be there for his daughters.

Twelve years have past and David is 43 years old and weighs 409 lbs.

During his first workout, he decided to quit.  He threw up his hands, despite Jillian’s (the trainer) constant efforts to get him back on the treadmill.  He went outside, in tears, determined not to renter. Jillian said something to get him back inside.  She told him:

“The gym is not part of your victim story.  It cannot be part of your victim story”.

If anyone is a victim of life, it’s David; but he’s in that gym to stop being a victim.  He’s in that gym to regain the heart of a warrior and change his story; to take a sad turn of events and give it a happily-ever-after.

Are we often the reason why we allow ourselves to continue to be victims?  In many ways, yes.  We become so downtrodden, so beat-down, that the second tasks become difficult we cry defeat.

This is what David was beginning to do, and Jillian reminded him to check it at the door.  He had enough weight that he was forced to carry around with him, he didn’t need any more.

Allow the gym to be your escape.  Forget that you are perhaps a victim outside the doors of 45 NE Industrial Drive.  Embrace your workouts as a means to your success, as a pathway to make you a better you.  Don’t intermingle all of he goodness that finding your fitness has to offer with your broken dreams or mistakes of the past.

Leave the victim at the door.

And by the way, David lost 38 pounds the first week of the competition; the most of any competitor.


Jen, looking solid in her overhead squat


Luis, working hard during Saturday’s partner WOD


Long-time loyal member, Donna, looking leaner than ever!


Friends, Jenn and Meg, teamed up for a killer score in Saturday’s WOD.


Steve D, also rocked the OHS on Saturday!


Lisa and Janie, soaring on their 400s!