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November Member of The Month


Around January of this past year, I remember finishing a WOD in the Camo Room, as a sniffling, pregnant, Jenna Lennon came in headed to the bathroom.  I could tell she was upset (and understanding that pregnancy can lend itself to some serious emotions), so I inquired:

Me: “What’s wrong?  Are you Okay?”

Jenna:  “I just didn’t know how hard it would be“.

Me: “What? Being pregnant?

Jenna: “YES!!  Working out pregnant is so hard!  I can’t do what I used to do….and my stomach gets in the way of everything! And I HATE not being able to lift heavy weight!

I consoled Jenna that the “symptoms” she was experiencing were temporary, as forever as they may have felt at that moment.  I also gave her an enormous amount of credit for working out during her pregnancy, and assured her that she’s “be back” before she knew it.

She went on to workout until the day that she delivered little Harper six months ago, inspiring all (remember her 3rd trimester pull-ups and push-ups on 45 lb plates?!?!).

As I can imagine, sharing your body for 9 months and having to sacrifice many of the things that you love, can be difficult.  For Jenna, she was definitely one of the top female performers at SCF, so scaling back her workouts to keep Harper safe, but balancing staying fit was, at times, a blow to her ego, and simply difficult to do.

But she managed to do it…and do it flawlessly.  This past Saturday, Jenna competed in the CrossFit Mom’s Competition at CrossFit Legitamus.  She tied for 5th place, with a second place finish in two workouts, and a first place finish in the final WOD (and a whatever finish on a max turkish get-up–ughhhh).

Jenna is an inspiration to all women who desire to get their bodies back post-pregnancy, to all moms who desire to balance the challenges of motherhood, work and staying fit, to all aspiring moms (especially this one…), and really to all who walk through the doors of Shoreline CrossFit.  Jenna is clearly an individual who values the importance of fitness in her life, and refuses to accept excuses to slack off.  And, for these reasons, we have decided to make her the November Member of the Month.

Enjoy your “Golden Barbell”…

And congratulations on “being back“!

Jenna, 6 months post-partdum!!

Jenna, 6 months post-baby!

Congratulations to ALL SCF moms who competed in the CrossFit Moms Competition Saturday (left to right: Annie, Kori, Jess D, Jenn A, Tracy, Jenna, Jess L)!

Congratulations to ALL SCF moms who competed in the CrossFit Moms Competition Saturday (left to right: Annie, Kori, Jess D., Jenn A, Tracy, Jenna, Jess L)!

Now, let’s check out some good lookin’ deadlifters:








Kara B.


Bryan D.

2 Responses for November Member of The Month

  1. Annie:
    November 05, 2013 06:05 am

    SO deserving, U Rock Jenna!!

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  2. Judy Oquendo:
    November 06, 2013 04:00 pm

    I was in On Ramp in March. I specifically remember seeing Jenna- very pregnant but looking jaw dropping AMAZING!! I didnt have the courage to approach her then but I saw her again post baby commented how much of an inspiration she was. Jenna- WOW! and congrats on this honor!!!!

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