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October Accomplishments


At the end of the day, I’ve realized that we really are Pavlovian dogs.  After a few requests, we invested in a “PR” (personal record) bell.  To be honest, at first, I thought that it was a little bit corny; but, hey, I wear high pink socks and Rilla wears a sock monkey hat in the winter–it’s okay to be corny.  But, then, I was back-squatting for three reps one day after the bell was hung, and something happened:  I hit a number that I haven’t hit in some time, but it wasn’t a PR.  I wanted a PR.  Why?  Because I wanted to ring that bell.  As so I did…

Continue to set goals and work towards achieving them; and, as you do, remember to ring that bell.  Let’s make your accomplishments know to all.  Let’s celebrate it; make it a party.  People rarely ring their own bell or “toot” their own horn when it is actually deserving.  Also, remember to write that accomplishment up on the accomplishment board.

Give us reason to make a larger accomplishment board.

Let’s see what SCF’s athletes accomplished during the month of October:

Look Who is Getting “Gym-nasty”

LP said good-bye to her right arm-left arm muscle up technique!  Jay Caron got 23 double unders, Steve Signore did his first pull ups and ring dips in a WOD, and Fabio LoNero and Eddie Angiollo did their first rope climbs.  Mike Nicolas did 20 unbroken pull ups in a WOD and DP did 14 unbroken muscle ups

It May Be Bulking Season at SCF

Bradley Roth set a PR on his hang squat clean (300), 3RM hang squat clean (265), and snatch (235).  Rich Sudock had a 10lb PR on his snatch at 215 and Tricia Anderson did a 75lb squat in a WOD.  Colby had a power clean PR at 235.  Meg Testa PR’d on her power snatch (155), split jerk (250), and back squat (310).  Mark Testa PR’d on his 3RM hang squat clean (195), 3RM power snatch (130), and power snatch (145).  Bill Roy also PR’d on his power snatch at 145, Janice Rodriguez cleaned 170 for a new PR, Ashley Martone power cleaned 125, Lisa Williams PR’d on her power clean (115), and Peter Blomgreen also PR’d on his power clean at 250.  LP PR’d on her squat clean, bench press (170), and 3RM back squat (240).


Monica Vidro did her first RX “Grace”, Monica Romano had her 4 year anniversary this month, and it was Janie’s 1 year at SCF, also while making a return and losing the 10lbs.  Ray Garcia is back at SCF again.  Gene Fischer completed his first sprint triathlon in September and JB ran 100m sprints in a workout.  Jess LaVigne was finally awake for the 5am WOD.  Lisa Williams had her 3 year anniversary at SCF, while it was Mike Peck’s 1 year.  Meg Testa PR’d on “Jackie” (6:53).  Danielle Bonagura ran 1 mile under 9 minutes and Michelle Grasso PR’d on her mile run by 1:40!

And little Meg got these accomplishments typed up before the end of November 😉