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Don’t Look Back

The other day I was talking to a coach from another gym.  We were discussing training young athletes, the pros and cons.  He mentioned how one athlete he trains could potentially be quite the competitor, but she frequently stops the task in front of her to see what other competitors are doing.  She’ll pause from lifting to look around to see where others stand in the workout.

Yesterday, Coach Meg and I were going head-to-head in Badger (whether she knew it or not).  On the second run, I wanted to slow down so badly.  I couldn’t quite hear her behind me, but I had a feeling that she as right there.  For a second, I thought of glancing behind me to see where she was, but then a famous Satchel Paige quote came into my head:

“Don’t look back.  They might me gaining on you”.

If I looked behind me, one of three things could happen: I would see Meg directly behind me, and I would lose ground because I took my eyes off of the finish line. Or, I could possibly see her farther back than expected and slow down, thus not pushing myself as much as I could.  Maybe, she’d be closer than I expected and I’d become discouraged and give up.

Isn’t this true in life as well?  If we become obsessed with what others are doing around us, we lose sight on that which we should be focused. We can become so consumed with what others are doing that we lose ground on our task at hand.  Or, perhaps we constantly compare ourselves to others and presume that they are “farther back” than us, developing a lackadaisical in much that we do, hence not really giving our best.  Or, do we look at others lives and think ours to be miserable in comparison, becoming discouraged?

Focus on yourself.  

Don’t look back.


Jill, still going hard!


Possibly the only person with a crazier face than me in WODs. Always fierce, Matt!




Coach Shlee, spittin’ a little knowledge on the split jerk!

Just because you can't run, doesn't mean you can't WOD! Right, Dy-Lan??!!

Just because you can’t run, doesn’t mean you can’t WOD! Right, Dy-Lan??!!

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  1. Maria:
    November 12, 2013 09:20 pm

    Perfect blog for me today. Thanks LP.