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Don’t Sweat it Out!

We are about to enter a season, which in my opinion, is quite magical.  The snow, crackling fires, lights, peppermint, and family….ahhhhhhh…

But this is also the season of colds and flus.

Last Monday night, after completing “Badger”, I felt sick….Scratchy throat, congestion, and I could not stop sneezing for the life of me.  By Tuesday morning, achy joints and a throbbing headache were added to this list of ailments.  I went to work despite feeling extremely under the weather, but by the time 2pm hit, all I wanted was my bed.  Typically, my Tuesday afternoon/night goes: gym (3:30-5:30), church (7-9:30), dinner (9:30-10:30), blog (10:30-11:45).  I felt guilty about wanting to bypass all of this and just go to sleep.  The thought crossed my mind that if I went to the gym I could “sweat it out” and then I’d feel better.  But, this time, I chose not to because, in the back of my mind, I knew the truth:

If a flu or cold interrupts your time at the gym, you are better off taking some rest instead of “sweating it out”. Try to forget about the things that you have heard such as the body can perspire its way back into better shape. Remember: this is not the way the body fights off infections and diseases. The body isn’t able to get rid of those toxins and bacteria by just sweating it all out. The immune system uses specialized cells that engulf, detoxify and break the bad guys. The body’s immune system performs efficiently when it is not stressed out.

I know most of us consider CrossFit a release more than it is a stress, but the fact of the matter is this:  while it may cause mental relief, it causes physical stress.  If your immune system is already beat-up, why abuse it more?  You will only prolong your illness.  Stop stressing out your immune system.

So, what??, you may say.  “I’ll go CRAZY if I don’t WOD!”  Well, you’re being selfish.  If you come to the gym, you are just going to spread your disease to everyone else.  So, if you don’t care about prolonging your own illness, at least be courteous and avoid spreading it to others.

As for me, I went to bed on Tuesday from 2:30-5 pm, and then back in bed again at 8:30pm.  Miraculously (or not so miraculously) I awoke Wednesday morning symptom-free.  Perhaps all my immune system was asking for was some good old R & R.  If had gone to the gym, I’d most likely still be battling this illness as I type…and so would some of you… Don’t sweat it out!

DP takes 4:30 through the Turkish Get-Up

DP takes 4:30 through the Turkish Get-Up

Francesca, Dom, and Melissa, keeping their eyes on the kettlebell.

Francesca, Lou, and Melissa, keeping their eyes on the kettlebell.

Courtney B, looking focused during tonight's EMOM

Courtney B, looking focused during tonight’s EMOM

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