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December Member of the Month

GenoEarning the “Golden Barbell” for the month of December is Geno Bontatibus (pictured left).  Besides having a wonderfully enthusiastic demeanor, Geno has earned this honor for a few other reasons.

Last winter, Geno’s CrossFit career was put on a hiatus when an old nagging injury reared its ugly head during a Master’s competition.  Responsibly, Geno took the time off to let this injury heal, heeding the advice of his medical professionals.  Anyone who has ever been injured can sympathize with the fact the that the road back to your sport can be quite frustrating.  Naturally, when Geno returned to SCF after rehabbing his injury, his lifts had gone down, WODs seemed a bit harder, and he has to go slow as to ease himself back into CrossFit.  Geno did not allow this to discourage him.  In fact, he purchased some one-on-one personal training sessions with Coach Bradley.  Bradley worked with on getting Geno back into the CrossFit “game” and on improving his lifts.  Geno also participated in the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, knowing that a critical component to fitness is one’s diet.  Lastly, I had the pleasure of working with Geno on a skill that he has been wanting to master: the double-under.  At the conclusion of the clinic, I  think that it is fair to say that Geno now has double-unders!

It is a pleasure coaching Geno, and we are grateful to have him as part of the Shoreline CrossFit community!

20 in a row in a WOD!  Look out!

20 in a row in a WOD! Look out!


One Response for December Member of the Month

  1. Annie:
    December 16, 2013 06:35 pm

    congrats Geno!