The Last Accomplishments of 2013


Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan“. ~Tom Landry

‘Tis the season of goal-setting.  Most refer to them as “resolutions”; and most people drop them like hot potatoes before the third week of this month.  Yes, it’s great to set goals. If we don’t do so, there’s zero chance of obtaining anything, but as Landry points out, what is more important is planning out how you will achieve this goal, as well as sticking to this plan.  So, whatever it is, vow to do your utmost to stick to your plan until the goal is achieved.

Let’s see who achieved their goals in the final month of 2013:

Bulking Season Went Well At SCF

Mark Testa PR’d on his back squat (320), front squat (270), power clean (215), clean & jerk (205) and Jerk.  Teresa Testa had a 40lb PR on her front squat and a 10lb. PR on her deadlift.  Tricia Anderson PR’d on her jerk at 95lbs and so did Tracy Nigosanti at 100lbs who also shoulder pressed 75lbs for a new PR.  Rich Sudock PR’d 10lbs on his thruster at 255, so did Matt Lipp at 235, Bill Roy by 20lbs. (175), Mary Pont (85), Christina Quong set a 15lb PR, and JR Romano PR’d on his “thurster” at 205; which in case you didn’t know, looks strangely similar to a thruster.  Matt Stebbins PR’d on his split jerk at 215 and so did Tommy Wood (305), Gene Fisher (205), and Luis Suarez (185).  Snatch PR’s this month included Eric Nevarez (160), Meg Testa (170), Rich Sudock (225),  Amanda Magleby (power snatch),  and Fabio LoNero with a 145 power snatch. Janice Rodriguez also PR’d on her snatch (135), as well as her clean (185), and her jerk (180). LP PR’d on her clean and jerk and her 3RM hang power clean (190), Tommy Wood cleaned 275 and pulled a 600lb deadlift!  JR Romano power cleaned 255 as a new PR, Meg Testa back squatted 315 for a PR, LP back squatted 230 for a new 5 rep max, Joe Calamita hang power clean 165 five times, and Rich Sudock PR’d on his 3RM front squat by 20lbs at 285.  Ian Douglas PR’d on his front squat (305) and deadlift (435), Jen Goodwin and Christine Vogt both set a PR on their deadlift at 195lbs, Eric Nevarez has a new deadlift PR at 475, Mary Pont strict pressed 80lbs, and Katy Williams push pressed 75lbsx3 for the first time.  Dean Alderman set 3 PR’s this month on his front squat by 30lbs (285), deadlift by 20lbs (435), and back squat (340). DP PR’d on his snatch (247)…and wants me to add that he got 255 two days ago (sneak preview for January).


Rich was LP’s partner in a double under WOD and didn’t make her regret it! (That’s big).  It was Dave Strong’s 1 year anniversary this month at SCF and Jeanette did three kipping pull ups in a row.  Frank Hubbell set a 1:30 PR on “Helen”.  Meg Testa did 81 unbroken hspu and Melissa Roy completed a 22 mile training run, which means she is marathon ready!

Coach Chu assisting Linda and Lisa in their front squats

Coach Chu assisting Linda and Lisa in their front squats



Ask Quong about her first experience on the airdyne...

Ask Quong about her first experience on the airdyne…

JR and Bill making "Cindy" a little harder

JR and Bill making “Cindy” a little harder

Jen G. and Christine V. front squatting

Jen G. and Christine V. front squatting 

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  1. Rich:
    January 07, 2014 08:39 am

    Stat correction, my thruster PR was only 235. My sloppy handwriting must have been tough to read.