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The 105th Reason I Love CrossFit

MEg Burpees

On Wednesday, Shoreline CrossFit athlete, Meghan Elgee posted on Facebook that she had a friend in need.  Her 33-year-old friend, Sara, was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.  Her medical bills have piled-up, leaving her no choice but to ask for some financial assistance.

Within mere minutes, a makeshift fundraiser was born.  SCF athlete, Al Carocci, offered donations per every burpee that Meg could complete within a 10-minute time cap.  Once again, within minutes, more and more pledges were coming through.

This was for a friend of a CrossFitter; in fact, it wasn’t until after that we learned Sara was a former CrossFit athlete at CrossFit Norwalk prior to her diagnosis.

Yesterday, about 40 of SCF’s athletes came by at 11:45 to do more than just watch Meg complete her burpees.  They came not only to donate, not only for moral support, but to give Sara, her sister, and mother hope as they watched Meg crank out 125 burpees with tears in their eyes.

You see, yes, I believe that CrossFit is the best way to get physically fit.  Yes, I love to compete.  Yes, I love what CrossFit has done for my physique.  Yes, I love what CrossFit has done for me mentally.  And yes, I even like the way I feel before, during, and after a CrossFit workout.  But what I love most, what makes CrossFit CrossFit for me, is the community it draws.  The camaraderie… the forty-some-odd people who made it a point to interrupt their Saturday to give a girl that they don’t know,  some faith, not only in the fact that she will beat cancer, but in humankind.

I just love this community.

We will still be collecting funds for Sara’s cause.  If you are interested in donating, you can give it to any coach and we will get it to Sara, or you can go to her GoFundMe page at http://www.gofundme.com/6321a8

Thank you all for doing more than raising a few thousand dollars yesterday.  Thank you for raising the spirits of more than just Sara 😉

2 Responses for The 105th Reason I Love CrossFit

  1. Meghan Elgee:
    January 12, 2014 04:55 pm

    Thank you, again, to everyone one who donated, supported, and cheered for me! I honestly can’t say thank you enough. I am overwhelmed, but not surprised, by the amazing support I’ve received for Sara from Shoreline. You guys are the most amazing group of people I’ve ever met.

  2. Denise Mikolike:
    January 12, 2014 06:31 pm

    Megan and SCF, Thank you so much for the outpouring of
    Love and support for my sister Sara !! Yes there were tears in my eyes as well
    As my mothers and my sister Sara. Not only do I know how hard it is to crank out
    BURPEES never Mind 125 in 10 minutes , that alone will make you cry !! But with Lauren
    By your side doing them and encouraging you , along with the ROAR of all the people
    Cheering you on … Megan !! Words can’t express the gratitude for your heart to do this
    Simple act of kindness and compassion for your friend , my sister Sara.
    Fitness is key like Lauren said in her statement , but belonging to something that moves
    Your soul is beyond words !!!! That Saturday was proof of the atmosphere of energy that would make anyone wanna do some BURPEES !!! Well from a fitness fanatic like myself , it made me , but Sara told me I needed to sit this one out lol !! Thanks again everyone at SCF. And to you Megan