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It’s All About Building the Community

The First SCF Social 2009

The First SCF Social 2009 (yep, that was our box)



SCF "Famous People Party" 2012

SCF “Famous People Party” 2012

When I began looking through my photos for all of the SCF Socials for this blog, I realized that this was an endless task.  As it turns out, most of the the best memories that I have, are with the friends that I have met through Shoreline CrossFit.

Around the holidays, many classes had their own gatherings.  While I thought that this was wonderful, I think that it is time that we ALL get together; every class…ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It’s time for 5 am to see the faces of 7:30 pm, and to realize that while their sleep patterns may be different, their passions for CrossFit are the same. We have been tossing around the idea of the “Shoreline CrossFit Prom” somewhere between the first photo and the second photo above.  Well, the time has finally come…

Even if you don’t like to dress up, feel free to still come.  This event is available to ALL SCF members and any of their friends.  Let’s just look at it as a great way to expand the already existing camaraderie and community that we have at Shoreline CrossFit.

It will take place on Saturday, March 8th at Bill Miller’s Castle (824 E. Main St, Branford) from 7 pm-12 am.  “Prom Bids” are $80.00 per person and include live entertainment, buffet dinner, 4-hour open bar, and a photo booth. While it has a 90’s theme, so as to include everyone, feel free to represent any generation with with you identify.  Please save the date and make some more SCF memories.  Go to the top of our page and click the link to purchase your tickets.  Space is limited, so don’t wait too long!

How could you say no to this crew??

Coaches at 4th anniversay

Here’s a little sneak peak, and while it may look a bit cheesy, I’ve seen this band a couple of times and know that we will have a BLAST with them: