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The Universal Language

Yesterday, I attended a CrossFit class that was taught entirely in French.  Initially, I was concerned that I would be confused.  But I was fine…

I quickly noted that when it comes to coaching CrossFit, there are universal cues.  As it turns out “Lift your chest“, “Stay on your heels“, “Straighten out your arms“, and “Rock solid work” can be gestured the same in any language.  As a coach, it’s like we have this universal lingo…I knew exactly what the coach was saying at every minute of the class.

We were paired together at racks to establish a one rep max push jerk. Then, beside one another for a three-round standard CrossFit WOD.  The young lady with whom I was paired spoke about as much English as I do French….but it didn’t matter.

We both spoke the universal language of CrossFit.

We used our fingers to express the amount of weight that needed to be added to each side of the barbell each time we attempted a lift.  We rapidly dropped into a weightless split to demonstrate what should have been done after one attempted a lift that was just barely successful.

The coolest part of our language, however, was the smiles, the high fives, and the unspoken knowledge of what the other person was enduring.

I suppose this is the awesome thing about CrossFit in general; it’s part of what inspires the comaraderie that is so often mentioned by it’s athletes.  The universal experiance that we all share when we are a part of this sport is what bonds us.

CrossFit can be scary.  It’s hard. It’s humbling.  It sucks.  And nothing feels better than that feeling you get when it’s over.

Apparently that feeling is the same in French and in English…

Jacques and the Plumeys at CrossFit Montreal

Xavier, coach at CrossFit Montreal, and the Plumeys 

CrossFit Montreal's official mascot: Burpee the bulldog!

CrossFit Montreal’s official mascot: Burpee the bulldog!

Lusine CrossFit

Dominic, DP and me at L’usine CrossFit

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  1. Dom:
    April 21, 2014 12:16 pm

    Was really cool to have you guys around. Anytime!