Rekindle That Flame

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable“. –Bruce Lee

Think back to the beginning of any relationship–You can’t get enough of one another.  You want, you need, to be together every second of the day.  Even that person’s idiosyncrasies are adorable.  You can’t touch that person or say their name enough.  It’s a whirlwind and it is absolutely amazing and impossible to contain.

Fast forward, perhaps, five years later in this same relationship.  You still love one another, but this person has become a bit more mundane–merely, part of your life. Perhaps, even, you forget about the physical attractiveness of this individual.  You require your “space” throughout the week, and those idiosyncrasies are plain-old annoying, and you never fail to remind your partner of this.

What can you do to revive that love that you had at first?  Well, there are ‘lots of options.  First off, don’t forget the foundation of your relationship.  What got you two together in the first place?  Remember that feeling?  Think of what you’ve endured together, all that you have learned as a couple.  Most times, when couples seek counseling, they are encouraged to experience new things together.  They are encouraged to establish new goals, breaking up the mundane trifles of everyday living.

The same can happen in CrossFit.  When you first join, CrossFit is so much better than any workout regiment that you have practiced prior.  You’re dropping weight and gaining strength faster than you ever have in your life.  The classes are fun and loud, full of energy and challenges, and the people are so encouraging. So what, you’re sore?  That’s just a reminder of how hard you’ve worked and the gains that you will see. It’s hard not to love something that is constantly rewarding you.

Months, maybe years, pass, and you see this luster lacking.  The weight loss has plateaued, there isn’t a WOD, or a WOD-style that you haven’t done before.  The PR’s are few and far between. The soreness is just plain-old annoying now, and sometimes your peers and coaches are bothersome to you.  And to actually see improvements, you have to train differently than you have prior, and these WODs (perhaps using dumbbells to correct inefficiency) just aren’t as sexy.

What do you do?  Quit CrossFit?  Go to another gym?  Well, sure, you could do this, but the same feelings are bound to resurface eventually in your new environment, the same way they would if you left your wife and began dating another girl.  What else can you do to get out of this slump in your relationship with CrossFit?

Just as married couples are often advised, remember why you got into this “relationship” in the first place.  It probably wasn’t to compete, have a 300-pound snatch, or to be the best in the gym. You did it to get fit.  You did this to be healthy and remain healthy.  Is CrossFit still doing this for you?  Perhaps now, because you have come so far, the results aren’t as overt, but if you look close enough, they’re there.  Maybe it’s time to perform a few benchmark WODs and see how far you have come.  After reflecting on this, you will appreciate all CrossFit has done for you.

Secondly, experience new things. In Greg Glassman’s (CEO and founder of CrossFit) “Fitness in 100 Words” he encourages athletes to, “regularly learn and play new sports”. Why not try a new sport, or even get involved in one that you haven’t played in years?  I guarantee that you will be thanking CrossFit for how good you feel throughout.  You can also establish new goals within the walls of the gym.  Perhaps signing up for a local CrossFit competition, local race, or nutrition challenge.  Maybe you could work on a specific lift with one of our coaches.  

Lastly, perhaps it is necessary to switch your routine.  Have you ever thought of changing your class time?  Being surrounded by different athletes and coaches may be what you need to “spice” things up a bit.  It is easy to become lazy when you are surrounded by the same people day-in and day-out, assuming that they are aware of your true abilities, what do you have to prove?

If you find yourself in one of these slumps, go to your “marriage counselors”, that is, your coaches.  That is why we are here.  We will be more than enthused to devise a plan to help you rekindle that flame you once had for CrossFit and make it “unquenchable”!

Saturday's partner carries were so fun!  Looking good, Di and Shana!

Saturday’s partner carries were so fun! Looking good, Di and Shana!

Sometimes a little sister has to carry her big sister.  Check out Jenna and Christina!

Sometimes a little sister has to carry her big sister. Check out Jenna and Christina!

That's right!  Monica carried Carmen for the entire 300 meters!

That’s right! Monica carried Carmen for the entire 300 meters!

Sure Cara, he looks light!

Sure Cara, he looks light!

Matt and Lauren, making it look fun!

Matt and Lauren, making it look fun!

The Sandlers with the "caveman" carry!

The Sandlers with the “caveman” carry!

I think the Adam and Liz practice this at home!  They made it look too easy!

I think the Adam and Liz practice this at home! They made it look too easy!

He had to carry him around when he was an infant, why not now?!!  Great job, Andy and Matt

He had to carry him around when he was an infant, why not now?!! Great job, Andy and Matt!

That's a whole 'lotta man on your back, Dy-Lan!

That’s a whole ‘lotta man on your back, Dy-Lan!

The "OG" partner walk...

The “OG” partner walk…


One Response for Rekindle That Flame

  1. Rich:
    April 29, 2014 08:38 am

    Great blog. I think people tend to lose sight of the long term goals and focus too much on what is happening now. They don’t like a few WOD’s in a row, haven’t set a recent Pr or some of their regular class friends have changed times/gyms, so they get upset or frustrated and decide to quit or change gyms. I am going on 4 years at SCF and I have gone through both good and bad days here. The last year I stuck to one program, rested when needed, did WOD’s I hated, mised WOD’s I loved and never lost sight of my long term goals to continue to get better, get fitter and be happy. I didn’t spend too much time thinking about the things I didn’t like. I had faith that it would all work. Right now, I’m the best I have ever been.
    I think if pepole want to “spice it up” and get excited again they should try some new things. Jump into another class and recconect with some old friends who changed times or meet new friends. Push themselves to try movements in a WOD they normally fail at. The only way to get better is to push yourself to do the things they aren’t good at. Try DU’s instead of running or box jumps, try C2B pull ups instead of regular. So what if your score isn’t good, maybe getting a few of these movements during a WOD will excite you and reignite that spark. Coaches can only do so much for the athletes. We need to be active in keeping crossfit exciting for ourselves.