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April Accomplishments

Last month’s accomplishments were so abundant, that we had to increase the size of the accomplishment board!  Nice work.  Keep setting, achieving, and recording your goals!

Testing Week Meant ‘LOTS of PRing!

Eric Nevarez set a 20lb PR on his snatch (175) and his front squat (305). Monica Vidro set a 10lb PR on her front squat, so did Kostas and Eddie Angiollo (235). Bill Roy PR’d on his snatch (145) and hang power clean (215). Other clean variation PR’s this month included Mark Testa’s hang power clean by 10lbs, Erin Brown’s hang power clean (155), JR Romano’s squat clean (245), both Kostas cousins set PRs on their power cleans (185), Luis hit a 200lb squat clean, Mike B & Joe M both hang power cleaned 205, Jackie Maculaitis, Kara Maculaitis, and Jeannine Rockefeller also had a hang power clean PR of 105, Mike Peck set a 20lb hang power clean PR at 235, Dean Alderman also set a hang power clean and power clean (225) PR, Kristine Capstick power cleaned 145 for a new PR, Erin Flynn power cleaned 225, Lou Dinola power cleaned 185, Ben Callahan cleaned 55lbs, Bradley Roth hang power cleaned 285 & squat cleaned 295, Jay Caron 200lb power clean, Christina Quong set a power clean PR at 165, Ashley Banks power cleaned 140lbs, Donna Esposito power cleaned 85lbs for a new PR, Rich Sudock is now over the 300lb squat clean mark with a PR at 305, Cathy Ann power cleaned 60lbs and Dave Strong hang power cleaned 165lbs. Lots of deadlift PR’s this month included Erin Brown (300), Joe Mulhern (415), Megan (175), Jody (190), Kostas Stoubis (310), Luis (300), Chu, Joey Herten (345), Josh Vidro (405), Jackie Esposito, Dean Alderman (440), Matt L. (365), Jeanette (165), Kori Stewart (230), Jen T & Annie Marchitto (240), Kara Maculaitis (200), Mike Peck (425), and Ian Douglas (465). LP PR’d on her back squat (260), Kostas on his front squat, Mark Testa on his back squat (325), Karlee Hackett set a PR on her front squat (175) and overhead squat (95), Annalisa Porter also set a PR on her overhead squat (75), Luis squat snatched 105 for the first time, Matt Stebbins push pressed 185 for a 40lb PR, Tricia Anderson moved into triple digits with a 100lb shoulder to overhead, Luis Suarez push jerked 185, JR Romano snatched 175 for a PR, Mark Testa split jerk 210lbs, Rich Sudock set a PR on his split jerk (305) and front squat (345), Kathy Boni on her front squat, and Mike Peck set a PR on his shoulder to overhead (220).

Double Unders, Rope Climbs & Everything In Between

Kori Stewart did kipping hspu in a workout, Joe N did 12 ring rows, Melissa Roy did 9 unbroken double unders without a single jump in between, and Luis Suarez hit his nipple doing double unders which in my opinion takes a lot of skill. Todd D and Kelly R are both back at SCF and it was Linda Witalis’ four year anniversary at SCF. Lou DiNola had a “Helen” PR of 10:51 and so did Joey Herten at 9:24. Joey Herten also did 100 double unders in 2:33 and Kristine Capstick got a promotion! Tricia Anderson did 3 kipping pull ups, Amy Vernon had a “Helen” PR, and Kori Stewart did butterfly pull ups. Eddie Angiollo climbed to the top of the rope for the first time and so did Lou DiNola and earning his first burn. Mark DeCapua and Sofie had their 1 year anniversary at SCF this month while Sofie also achieved being one year smoke free! Melissa Roy ran her way to a half marathon PR of 2:05:50, Amy Costa had her three year anniversary while earning her WBFF Pro Card, and DP did 11 unbroken muscle ups and beat Adam Greenberg in handstand walks for distance.

The trifecta!  The third roommate of the Bianca, Michelle, and now Stacie trio has now joined SCF!  Great to have you!

The trifecta! The third roommate of the Bianca, Michelle, and now Stacie trio has now joined SCF! Great to have you!

Coach Bradley hit a 20 lb PR on his clean and jerk today (295--and 300 looks like it's right around the corner!)

Coach Bradley hit a 20 lb PR on his clean and jerk today (295–and 300 looks like it’s right around the corner!)