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What’s Really Important

I’m sorry I was a turd of a coach leading up to the Northeast Regional.  It happens every single year.  As an athlete, I get my head stuck so far up my own arse, that it is difficult for me to see you.

Well, I’m sorry.  Because I learned something this weekend…

I trained harder for this Regional than I ever have for the past seven (if you count the first unofficial NE competition that I entered in the spring of ’08) in which I have participated, and with the most disappointing outcome.  But, as I sit back and mull the weekend over, one thing comes to mind:

You love us regardless of how we perform.

And that, is pretty awesome.

It seems to me that you see the work that we put in, you see us giving in the old college try, and that is what you respect.  My friend, Mike Sabato, a CrossFit Norwalk athlete, who competed this weekend and had his share of disappointments as well, put it nicely in his post-Regional Facebook post, “It’s not about the numbers, nor is it about crushing every workout under the sun […] CrossFit is about finding solace in being in last place, knowing it will make you better in the end.  CrossFit is about an overwhelmingly powerful and uplifting community that will support you until the end, regardless of the scenario […] Having all of you [his/our CrossFit community] in my corner definitely lit a spark inside of me and reminded me to take it all in, and most of all allowed me to have fun out there”.

After each workout, I would return to the tent and see the beaming faces of our SCF family, or read the posts, inboxes, or texts sent to me,  and I was reminded about what is really important to me in CrossFit.

Being an athlete is really just a small part of what I love about this sport, and I was strongly reminded of that this weekend.

The training with my teammates, specifically, Janice, Bianca and Jess was the most rewarding aspect of this season of the CrossFit Games.  Regardless of what translated on to the field, these women showed incredible improvement leading up to this weekend, and truly showed that their possibilities in this sport are endless.  I plan to write a few blogs on what can be learned from their examples, and about how proud I am of SCF’s Megin Oczkowski, as well as her coach, Chu; but for now, I just want to thank YOU, my SCF community, for all that you’ve given to me this weekend, and daily when I have the honor of coaching you!

Team resized

Thank you to our AWESOME sponsor, Lurong Living, for all of your support leading up to the Regional and for keeping us healthy so that we could compete!


One Response for What’s Really Important

  1. Tricia Anderson:
    June 03, 2014 11:56 am

    Awesome Games this year – you all did such a great job – amazing job – outstanding 🙂
    Can’t wait for next year – love being on the cheering squad !!