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How Well Can You Move?

I realize that it’s been quite some time since I’ve linked one of Lisbeth Darsh’s articles to our blog.  Lisbeth is an “old-school” CrossFitter, who now works for CrossFit HQ, and writes a blog called “Words with Lisbeth”.  I just adore her writing, and think that she has great perspective on CrossFit and life. Check out this recent article she has written called, “How Well Can You Move?”  I love the real-life application in it.   To read more articles go to:

“It’s not about what you can get. It’s about how well you can move.”

My coach (Jeff) said this in class while coaching another member, but he was spot on for all of us.

On a hang power clean. On a squat. On a push-up.

On your job. On love. On your entire life.

If you win the WOD, but you moved like s%*t, there will be consequences. If you get a PR but your form was horrendous, you’ll eventually pay. You might not feel the pain right away, but you will at some point. In your back, or your knees, or your shoulders, or wherever. Bad movement extracts its price sooner or later. And the price is often high.

Bad movement in your life costs you too. Some people call this payback karma. Divorce lawyers pay their bills from it. Therapists try to undo the psychological damage from it—in your life and the lives of others. Banks extract their price in foreclosures and higher interest rates.

Life can be frustrating though, because it often looks like some other guy or gal is winning the race—with poor movement—and it makes you want to maybe cheat a little, or just power through. He/she gets the win, the beautiful girl, the promotion, the flashy car. But don’t get distracted by that. Keep your attention on how you are moving—in the WOD and in your life. Good movement might take time to learn and master, but eventually it will pay dividends … in all parts of life.

It’s really not about what you can get. It is about how well you can move.

Adam Greenberg, rope-climbing

Adam Greenberg, rope-climbing

DP, rope-climbing

DP, rope-climbing

How gorgeous has this weather been??!! Zach and Eric took their rower outside to enjoy it.

How gorgeous has this weather been??!! Zach and Eric took their rower outside to enjoy it.

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