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The Now

The now is the only thing that’s tangible; it’s the only thing that you can change.  Forgot about the next lift, next movement, next workout, the next week, whatever it is. Truly stay focused upon the only thing that matters, the only thing that you have a tangible affect on, which is the now.  That is really the best way to be successful“.  -Ben Bergeron, Coach and Owner of CrossFit New England

I am the most Type A person that I know.  I disguise it well, and try to look cool, calm, and collective most of the time, but inside, my wheels are alway turning.  This became apparent to me last summer when DP and I visited Bermuda.  There I was in the most beautiful ocean water that I have ever been in, and I was focused on one thing:  what were were going to do next?  Were we going to swim to the rock far off in the distance? Would we jump off of that rock? Would we go to another beach? Find another bar? How would we get home? How much would it cost?  Was there a restaurant nearby?  Ahhhhhhhhhh………………………………

This was a moment that I realized the importance of what Bergeron states above.  Stop focusing on the past.  Stop focusing on the future.  Focus on the now.  The now is all that we can control.  If we aren’t focused on the now, chances are we’ll screw up the now.

This clearly applies to what we do at the gym.  You focus on the next round…how much it’s going to suck, how heavy the weight is going to feel, how tight your back is going to get, how out of breath you’re going to be…how could you possibly focus on the movement you are currently performing?  How could you perfect the now if you’re obsessed with that which hasn’t even happened?

Don’t be me in Bermuda.  Enjoy the water.  Embrace the now.

This crew learned how to be more explosive yesterday with Coach Ryan Moody

This crew learned how to be more explosive yesterday with Coach Ryan Moody


One Response for The Now

  1. RayG:
    July 14, 2014 11:10 pm

    She is right….the farther u think ahead, the more likely it is you will wake up older and frustrated. Plan, but enjoy the moment. Be goal oriented, but enjoy checking off the steps as u go.