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Pride in the Work

I was never used to getting anything but A’s.  Sure, there were a few B’s here and there, but those were classes about which I didn’t care much, classes that were too easy to try hard.  But when I got to college, things were different.  I was paying for these classes, all of them were challenging enough to the point that I cared, and from my perspective, every class could directly affect my future.  So, when I found myself earning…and I mean really earning, a C- in my biology class, I was beside myself…

I put in the work; I bought the thigh-high suspender galoshes to search for “specimens” in  the pond amidst the “quad”.  I attempted to memorize every chart upside, downside and inside-out out in that two-zillion page textbook, and tried my hardest to staple my term paper at a 32-degree angle (a professor’s request..really??!).  In the midst of the semester (when it’s too late to withdraw), I realized that this class was “Bio for Majors”.  I was an English major.  Everyone else in this class was going to be a doctor

I ended the semester with a C+.  The only grade below a B+ in my college career.  And, you know what else?  It’s the only grade I remember in my college career.  Why?  Because I worked harder for that C+ than I ever worked for any A I ever received.

Most of us aren’t going to the CrossFit Games, but this doesn’t mean that there can’t be pride in all of our work.

It’s the effort you put in.

There’s pride in your work; there’s pride in your effort, in everything that you do.

Don’t forget that.

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