July Accomplishments

JeterIt seems as if many of you are heeding Jeter’s advice…

The accomplishments this month were out-of-this-world!  We actually had to extend the accomplishment board to fit them all.  Keep up the amazing work as the fall months approach.

This is The Most Weightlifting PR’s We’ve Had In Awhile!

Many front squat PRs this month included LP (220), Tommy Wood (405), Stephanie Taylor (130), Shlee getting huge in her front squat, Bianca Fiondella (215), Janice Rodriguez (225), Themis Kyriakides (200), Katy Williams (150), Billy DiLegge (310), JR Romano (310), Dennis Jackson (230), Nick Thompson (385), Erin Brown had a 10lb. PR, Kara Macualatis (140), Donna Esposito front squatted her way to a 5lb. PR, Bill Roy (250), Krystina Carofano (135), Bradley Roth (335), Jeff Norton (295), Jess Herr (105), and last, but not least Mary Pont (125). Clean & Jerk PR’s were also popular this month among the female competitors (and Jeff) with LP (185) (and was also a PR on her split jerk), Janice Rodriguez (with a jerk and clean PR at 195 as well), Bianca Fiondella (180), and Jeff Norton (235). Rich Sudock set a 10lb. PR on his thruster at 245, and so did LP, Teresa Testa (115), Kristine Capstick (110), Paige Slocum and Kristen Peck both thrustered 100lbs, and Mary Pont at 95lbs. Amy Costa set a PR on her back squat (175) and so did Teresa Testa (185). Tricia Anderson bench pressed 80lbs for a new PR, as well as Mary Pont and Tracy Nigosanti both at 105lbs. Athletes that push pressed a new PR included Billy DiLegge (225), Bradley Roth (255), Kara Macualatis (100), Nick Thompson (365) –that’s not a typo either- Jess Herr (70), and Mary Pont (105). Themis Kyriakides also set a PR on his hang power clean (165) and clean.

Climbing to the Top of Ropes & Other Gymnastics Accomplishments

Kristine Capstick did handstand walks this month and Tim Verrillo did strict muscle ups and double unders! Jackie C climbed up the rope for the first time and so did Marilyn Serna, Katy, Deb Hyder (in a WOD), Cristina Munroe, Jess Herr climbed the rope during a WOD, and JR Romano did REAL rope climbs for an entire workout. (I’m sure everyone who does ring rows at 6:30 appreciates this J…). Terry O’Hara had 3 gymnastics PR’s this month by during a ½ wall climb, ring dips to full depth, and jumping on a 21” box. Laurie Marseglia. jumped on the 20” box for the first time, Lisa Sandler did toes to rings for a whole WOD, and sisters, Kristen Peck and Lindsay Greenberg did toes to bar for an entire workout.

Anniversaries, Endurance, & Other Miscellaneous Accomplishments

Four year anniversaries this month at SCF were Kelly Lockyer, Eddie Angiollo, Andy Feldman, and Melissa Roy. Katy Williams has been at SCF for 3 years, and it was also Cathyann Roding, Frank Hubbell, and Diana Minelli’s 2 year anniversary at SCF. Jackie Dunn did a whole workout without a water break, Fran Esposito ran her first 5k, and Heather Kirkpatrick also did her first 5k in 37:12! Jess Dean finally finished her dietetic internship and Jean Perkins rowed 117,000 meters or 107.5 miles during the month of July!

PLEASE KEEP ‘EM COMING!  Also, don’t forget to come to our anniversary WOD and BBQ THIS SATURDAY at 10:30 am and we’ll celebrate ALL of our accomplishments that we have achieved throughout the year!

Donna is one of our clients that was with us in the "old days" and she has never looked better!

Donna is one of our clients that was with us in the “old days” and she has never looked better!

Felicia is a dedicated member of the 7:30 pm class and her commitment to the program is surely showing!

Felicia is a dedicated member of the 7:30 pm class and her commitment to the program is surely showing!

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