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Summer GainZ

While Davidsdottir and Fraser were crushing the CrossFit Games this weekend, you guys have been CRUSHING IT within the walls of Shoreline Athletics this summer! Let’s see who setting goal and achieving them:

Greg Papuga set a PR on his push press (275×2), Matt Stebbins set a PR on his push press (200) and overhead squat (215), and Tim Harmon pulled 475lbs for a new deadlift PR.  Cooper Callahan PR’d on his front squat at 83lbs and push jerk at 75lbs. Kristine Capstick PR’d on both her squat snatch (100) and hang power clean (135), Bianca Fiondella full snatched 137lbs for a new PR, and Jeter Decusati push pressed 70lbs.  Nuno Olivera deadlifted 415lbs, Mary Pont also set a PR on her deadlift (225), and Ben Callahan from squatted 91lbs.

Upper Body Pulling Improving Every Month

Bianca Fiondella did her first strict muscle up, Jen Gregoretti did 40 strict pulls and 100 regular pull ups in a workout, and Katy Williams also did her first strict pull ups. Amy Wozniak did her first bar muscle up, Becky Moriarty got her toes to bar, and Joe Herten set a “Murph” PR with a vest in 42:24.

Heavy Squats and Deadlifts, Not a Problem!

There were many deadlift PR’s this month including Larry Weiss (295), Melissa Roy (225), Shara Martel (265), Thomas Richardson (335), Jonathan Snyder (425), Krystina Carofano (240), Laurie Marseglia (205), Charly Weiss (215), Tracey Appleget (250), Christine Vogt (265), Kaitie Witt (145), Carmen Mazurek (265), John Pomeroy (285), Celeni Perez (250), Nick Thompson (565), Ben Callahan (178), Tim Verillo (545), Scot Manley (360), Alex Hernandez (355), Junie Richardson (155), and Meg Testa (360). Lots of athletes also set new PR’s on their front squats including Larry Weiss (245), Dean Alderman (317), John Boughton (200), John Pomeroy (185), Junie Richardson (125), Themis Kyriakides (245), Charly Weiss (115), Tricia Anderson (115), Lisa Pageau (110), Alicia Wills (150), Jess Hoover (150), Joletta Cavalier (135), Nick Thompson (425), Jen Gregoretti (150), Nuno Olivera (280), and Kristine Capstick (175). Becky Moriarty set a PR on her back squat (155), Kristine Capstick overhead squatted 125 for 5 reps, and Paul Emery hang power cleaned his body weight for 3 reps.

Gymnastics Accomplishments & Our Very First On Ramp Anniversaries

Paul Emery regained his muscle ups this month, Mark Testa strung together two bar muscle ups, and Mike Dalton did his first muscle this month! Krystina Carofano did unbroken toes to bar, Ben Callahan did 110 unbroken double unders, while his brother, Cooper Callahan, strung together 104 double unders! Rich Sudock, Mike Doman, Tricia Anderson, Lisa Sandler, Bill Roy, Robin Sandler, Bruce Caldarone, and Meghan Elgee all had their SIX year anniversary at SCF this month (way to COMMIT FIRST ON-RAMP EVER!)!

Congratulations to Jimmy Williams and Coach Chu on Jimmy's success on Friday night.  12-0 BABY!!!

Congratulations to Jimmy Williams and Coach Chu on Jimmy’s success on Friday night. 12-0 BABY!!!