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Romance, Dominoes, and Negativity

I am always thinking about our fitness community at Shoreline Athletics.  Dave and I usually sit and bounce ideas off of each other.  These are some thoughts that have crossed our minds regarding how to be more successful in your training and life:

#1 Don’t be so ROMANTIC about your workouts! No seriously… I’ve been in this fitness arena for well over 10 years now, and although it’s very easy to get caught up in the “sexier” longer, full-out masochistic, workouts, this doesn’t work long term. Once a week is mentally healthy, but too much of these style workouts are a recipe for disaster. If you want more information as to why this is the case, feel free to ask any of the coaches at SA. It’s okay for a workout to be “boring” by your standards. You and I both need to be empowered through education and the proper guidance; a smarter training option does not always look as sexy as a destructive one. So, my advice is to enjoy your workouts and work your butts off, but don’t get too emotional about them. In reality, it’s really only 5% of your week. In my eyes, every workout is a good workout, but that’s because I chose to fall in love with the process and not obsess about the results (coincidentally–or not-so-coincidentally, this is when results come). Trust me, that was hard for me early in my fitness journey.  I love the constant beat-downs, the everyday competition, the endless 40 minute sweat sessions, but it required me putting a ton of faith in both Carl and Dave as programmers. They place countless hours weekly into the development of our clients and both have committed to being in the industry for the long haul; not just for this year’s fad…

#2 Every great change starts like falling dominoes.  That’s the Law of Momentum and patience in a nutshell. Over the last 7+ years we’ve seen small incremental gains over years of time, which have turned into something much greater. It’s the small mental and physical changes over time that will lead to a literal metamorphosis of an amazing new person capable of greatness. It’s almost impossible to imagine, but it takes vision, trust, commitment, and patience.  To illustrate: If you lined up an infinite chain of dominoes, over time, that one  domino could eventually knock over a grown man, then a tree, and eventually a large building as they progressively gained momentum with each piece falling. However, if there’s a break in the chain at some point, you would have to start all over again, potentially never seeing the domino’s potential. If you haven’t clued in, you are the domino, and as your coach and friend, I want to see you gain the momentum you need to tackle life’s bigger obstacles and achieve your goals.  When you stop training  (potentially because you don’t trust our process–just one of the reasons there may exist a breach in your “dominoes”), you lose your momentum, never discovering what you could truly achieve.  

#3- Don’t allow others to negative talk or influence your mindset. Seriously, having a negative mindset has been directly linked to depression and physical illness. Having a positive mindset and lifestyle has been directly linked to building stronger interpersonal relationships and even curing cancer.  I never played team sports, but I can tell you from life experience that one bad apple can influence you greatly and steer you off of your path. It could be your co-workers, or literally a stranger that could hit you while you’re vulnerable and before you know it, you’ve been sucked into their pity party. Most often times than not, that individual is selfishly creating havoc. A true friend or teammate would offer your support or encourage you to push a little harder through the noise. 

 These are my top 3 tips in terms of being successful in the gym and the arena of life. I have some more thoughts for you, but you’ll just have to wait until our next blog.

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  1. Tricia Anderson:
    February 13, 2017 02:14 pm

    LP – nice to have the blog back 🙂