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The First Accomplishments of 2017

Hey folks!  It’s been awhile since we’ve posted all of your awesome accomplishments on this blog (blame Asa for being all-consuming 😉 But, it’s time that we get back into showcasing all of your hard work at Shoreline Athletics!  PLEASE remember to record your accomplishments–both big and small–on our accomplishment board.

Let’s see what went down during the months of January and February:


Matt Stebbins PR’d his power clean 225lbs and overhead squat (235), Kristine Capstick split jerk 150lbs, and Jackie Maculatis also set a PR on her split jerk at 110lbs.  Meg Testa snatched 195lbs, Dean Alderman set a PR on his hang squat snatch (155), Kristine Capstick squat cleaned 165 for a new PR, and Erica Lee PR’d on her back squat (155).  Mike Bergantino pulled 376 for a new deadlift PR, Sarah Lipp set a PR on her front squat (170), and Chris Taber did a front squat into a split jerk at 295lbs.  Matt Stebbins set a PR on his deadlift (375) and bench press (210), Maria DePaola deadlifted 165 for a new PR, and Jess Hoover back squatted 190lbs.  Chris Taber squatted 440×2 and sumo deadlifted 475, Mary Pont swung a 53lb kettlebell in a workout, and Ben Callahan back squatted 95lbs.  Kristine Capstick squat clean thrustered 125lbs and Bradley Roth also set a PR on his thruster (265).

Body Weight & Endurance PR’s

Ashley McCaherty connected toes to bar, Eric Hanson PR’d on his 2,000m row (7:32), and Paul Emery rowed 500m in 1:42.  Jess Hoover PR’d on “Cindy” with 23 rounds + 2 reps, Adina Papuga did toes to bar, Dave Brownell strung together 60 double unders, and Erin Brown did her first ring muscle up!  Paul Emery strung together 61 double unders, Amanda Magleby got her ring muscle ups back, and Bridget Wirtz set the Branford High School pole vault record with 11’6”!



January anniversaries at Shoreline Athletics included Joe Narsico, Jay Caron, and Dave Strong all celebrating 4 years, Mary Pont and Brandon Esterby celebrating 5 years, and John Pomeroy had his one year anniversary at SA.  February anniversaries at SA included Kaitie Witt who has been with us for 2 years and Monica Vidro with her SEVEN year anniversary!

I just love so many things about this photo:
1. Meg hitting the final lift of 17.3 (obvi!)
2. Zach’s (the boyfriend) reaction.
3. Mark’s (the father) reaction
4. Chu (the coach) serious as a heart attack…