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Shoreline Athletics-Open Week 4 Review

Well folks, four down and one to go! ¬†We saw some impressive performances this week. With a repeat workout, you’re forced to compete against the younger (1 year, or in my case, one year and one person ūüėČ version of yourself. ¬†Almost all of our athletes beat their scores from 2016. ¬†Let’s see how we did:

Men’s RX

  1. Geno Bontatibus & John Lynch (255 reps)
  2. Frank Vigliotti (243 reps)
  3. Ryan Hocking (201 reps)
  4. Joey Herten (193 reps)

* I include a 4th because being a Master 55+ Geno performed push-presses instead of HSPUs, as RX’d by CrossFit HQ.

Overall, the Men’s RX Leaderboard reads:

  1. Geno with 11 overall points
  2. John with 14 overall points
  3. Frank Vigs with 19 overall points

Will John catch Geno this week?!!!

Women’s RX

  1. Meg O. (290 reps)
  2. Bianca Fiondella (239 reps)
  3. LP (232 reps)

Overall, the Women’s RX Leaderboard reads:

  1. Meg with 7 points
  2. LP with 17 points (I’m comin’ for you, Meg!!!)
  3. Bianca with 28 points

Men’s Scaled

  1. Dick Windslow (275 reps)
  2. Themis Kyriakides (242 reps)
  3. Nick Thompson (245 reps)

Overall, the Men’s Scaled Leaderboard reads as follows:

  1. Chris Guandalini (205 points)
  2. Themis Kyriakides (205 points)
  3. Sal Esposito (208 points)

This is really anyone’s to win! ¬†Go hard this week, gentleman!

Women’s Scaled

  1. Taylor Maffeo (255 reps)
  2. Amy Vercillo (242 reps)
  3. Jen Gregoretti (239 reps)

Overall, the Scaled Women’s Leaderboard reads:

  1. Taylor (184 points)
  2. Amy (188 points)
  3. Dale Stewart (213 points)

Who will take first: Taylor or Amy?!!? ¬†We’ll see!

Master’s Men RX

  1.  Geno B. & John Lynch (255 reps)
  2. Frank Vigs (243 reps)
  3. Joey Herten (193 reps)

Overall, the Men’s Master’s RX Leaderboard reads:

  1. Geno (11 points)
  2. John (14 points)
  3. Vigs (19 points)

Master’s Women RX

  1. LP (232 reps)
  2. Connie Meierdiercks (190 reps)
  3. Mary Pont (177 reps)

These standing reflect the overall Master’s Women’s Leaderboard as well.

Men’s Master’s Scaled

  1. Dick Windslow
  2. Themis Kyriakides
  3. Nick Thompson.

Overall, the Men’s Master’s Scaled Leaderboard reads:

  1. Chris Guandalini (205 points)
  2. Themis (205 points)
  3. Sal Esposito (208 points)

Once again, this is anyone’s game!!!

Women’s Master’s Scaled

  1. Jen Gregoretti (239 reps)
  2. Andrea Brooks (212 reps)
  3. Lisa Pageau (209 reps)

Overall, the Women’s Master’s Scaled Leaderboard reads:

  1. Lisa Pageau (223 Points)
  2. Andrea Brooks (232 Points)
  3. Aimie Likens (240 Points)


Team Shoreline CrossFit–Home of Shoreline Athletics placed 25th this week!!! ¬†We are currently in 51st place in the Northeast. ¬†LET’S MAKE IT OUR GOAL TO COME IN TOP 50!! ¬†CAN WE DO IT?!!! This week’s contributors were John Lynch, Vigs, Will Brown (185 reps), Meg, Bianca, and LP.

The Shoreline Sixpacks placed 199th this week, and are sitting in 203rd overall. ¬†CAN THE SIXPACKS STAY IN THE TOP 200 IN THE NORTHEAST?!!! ¬†Those who contributed to this week’s score were: Ryan Hocking, Joey Herten, Colby Morawski (180 reps), Amanda Magleby (198 reps), Sarah Lipp (189 reps), Mary Pont (177 reps).

Athletes with the Potential to Advance

Okay, Shoreline… SOOOO… we have FIVE athletes with the potential to advance on from the Open stage of competition. ¬†They are going to need your full support this week!

Megin OczcowskiРMeg is currently sitting in 3rd in CT, 25th in the Northeast, and 210th in the world.  Meg needs (WILL!) to creep up to 20th (or 22 because at least 3 girls are going team in the top 20) to qualify for the East Regional in May.

John Lynch– John is currently 1st in CT, 4th in the NE, and 24th in the world for the 45-49 age division. ¬†John merely needs to remain in the top 200 in the world to advance to the Master’s Qualifier next month. ¬†I’d say it’s safe to say he’s all set ūüôā

Geno Botatibus– Geno is currently 1st in CT, 3rd in the NE, and 40th in the world for the 55-59 age division. ¬†Geno also needs to stay in the top 200 for his age group to advance. ¬†There isn’t a doubt in my mind that he will successfully do this!

Lauren Plumey– Lauren is currently in 1st in CT, 8th in the NE, and 110th in world. ¬†LP needs to stay in the top 200 of the 35-39 age division to advance…Don’t worry, double-unders have got to be coming this week!

Mary Pont-Mary is currently in 4th place in CT, 22nd in the NE, and 176th in world for the 50-54 age division. ¬†Remember when we said we needed you to get Mary up a few spots to be in the top 200 last week??!! ¬†Well, we did it! ¬†Now, let’s keep her there!

We look forward to seeing what the concluding workout of the Open brings! ¬†See y’all on Friday night at 6:30!

Friends, Zach and Will side-by-side in the HSPUs

Mary, pushing hard through the deadlifts.

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  1. Tricia Anderson:
    March 23, 2017 08:37 am

    Very impressive numbers. Looking forward to Friday, good luck ūüôā