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Keep Goal-Setting!

“If one does not know to which port he is sailing, no wind is favorable.”-Lucius Annaeus Seneca

For many athletes, the five weeks of the CrossFit Open was just the “wind” they needed.  Watching all of our athletes perform the workouts of the Open was inspirational.  It’s that one time a year when athletes can be seen working “O.T.” on ring and bar muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, double-unders, and the full snatch.  I love it!   Each athlete’s drive to be the best version of his/herself was contagious.  But what if we continued this post-Open?  So what you only got 6 double-unders of the 300 that 17.5 presented, or the bar-muscle-up happened once after 17.2?  Keep goal-setting!  Don’t allow the conclusion of the Open to extinguish this desire to better yourself! Don’t allow the Open to roll around again next year, still catching you without double-unders or bar-muscle-ups.  You have the year; get after it!

Let’s see some of the awesome accomplishments that the month of March brought Shoreline Athletics:

Jess Hoover set a PR on her front squat (155), Maria DePaola also front squatted 105lbs. for a new PR, and Mary Pont squat snatched 65lbs. 18 times.  Snatch PR’s this month included Colby Marowski (185), Charly Weis (65), Connie M (125), Mark DeCapua (165), Mark Testa (135×6), and Nick Katz (145).  Bradley Roth thrustered 275 for a new PR, Tim Harmon pulled a 475lb. deadlift, Erica Lee set a PR on her power clean (130), and Connie M set a PR on her thruster (150).  Taylor Maffeo PR’d on her clean & jerk (115), Maria DePaola PR’d on her power clean (85), and Meg Testa PR’d on her 3RM front squat (250) and push jerk (270).  Jess Taylor strung together 20 double unders, Amanda Magleby performed 3 unbroken bar muscle ups, Sarah Lipp connected 5 ring muscle ups, and Kristine Capstick improved her 16.4/17.4 score by 32 reps!

Sarah L., of the Shoreline Sixpacks, getting after 17.2