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TODAY, Feb. 5th 2016, the 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm classes are CANCELED due to inclement weather. If you wish to workout today, we will have the 4:30 and 5:30 pm classes. PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY.


Listen to the Olympic Lifts

Nov 16

The other day, I saw an interesting status on a fellow coach’s Facebook wall: “The Olympic lifts will teach you more about life and tell you more about who you are than most things that you do will.  These two lifts are a microcosm of something far greater, well beyond a barbell and bumper plates“. […]Continue Reading

Drop the Excuses; Get Involved

Nov 10

Most of you who know me, know that religion is an important component in my life.  There was a time, where I let it go to the wayside; this was partly because I felt I couldn’t live up to its standards, but also because I felt no connection while at church.  After a self-assessment, I realized […]Continue Reading


Oct 26

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill You may have read about it in the Branford Patch, or perhaps you heard it through the SCF grapevine, but Shoreline CrossFit is moving! Don’t worry, we are not going too far… In fact, we are going from Northeast Industrial Drive […]Continue Reading

Set Your Eyes on a “Port”

Oct 20

Yesterday, I had an athlete inform me that she ran her first 400 meters ever… She was a bit ashamed because, in her words, “it isn’t a big deal”.  She went on to explain that she has never been able to run this distance because of her asthma and de-conditioning, coupled with poor running form. […]Continue Reading

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Oct 14

Most people associate a warm-up prior to exercise with merely “getting sweaty”, raising his/her core body temperature (hence, the title of this blog—also an effort to grab the reader’s attention;) ).  Now, while this is true, there are several other reasons why one should take advantage of the warm-up process that we methodically prepare for you […]Continue Reading

Who’s Your CrossFit Inspiration?

Oct 05

There is a saying that many Christians use to keep themselves on their toes.  It is abbreviated WWJD, and stands for the question, “What would Jesus do?”  They often use this catchphrase to check and direct their behavior to “put on the mind of Christ” in their day to day actions.  For many, it is […]Continue Reading

The Second Annual MMH Foundation Throw Down Cancer Competition

Sep 22

Pictured left are two familiar faces at SCF: Lindsay Marottoli Greenberg and Kristen Marottoli Peck.  You may not be as familiar with the beautiful bride in the center.  That is  Kristen and Lindsay’s (identical twin) sister, Melissa.  At age 31, Melissa ended her courageous battle with lung cancer.  Since this tragedy, Lindsay, Kristen and their closest […]Continue Reading