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Shoreline Athletics–Open Week 2 Review

Mar 08

What a week!  It was inspiring to see so many athlete who DID NOT have bar muscle-ups/pull-ups on Thursday, EARN them by Monday!  Your hard work did not go unnoticed; even if you were unable to achieve them this week, continue to work on them if they are a skill that you wish to acquire! […]Continue Reading

Shoreline Athletics–Week One-CrossFit Open Review

Mar 01

First off, Shoreline Athletics has…GET THIS…77 athletes participating in the Open this year!!!!!!  This is phenomenal!  If you didn’t attend last week’s “Friday Night Lights”, get your behind there this week at 6:30!! So, how’d we do? First of all…DISCLAIMER: the new CrossFit Games site makes gathering data quite difficult, so if you sense any […]Continue Reading

What if 20 Dollars Could Make You Better?

Feb 20

What if I told you to pay me twenty dollars to get those double-unders that you’ve been voraciously attempting to conquer?  Or, a mere twenty dollars to come to the realization that you can string together 10 pull-ups?  Or perhaps twenty dollars to make a new friend?? You know you’d do it… Well, that’s what […]Continue Reading

Destructive Decisions

Feb 15

Every year, before my class begins reading The Scarlet Letter, I ask the question, “Should a person be judged by his/her mistakes or accomplishments?”  I receive a variety of responses, but we usually conclude that an individual should be judged on both; in fact, an individual should be judged on his/her reaction to the mistakes he/she […]Continue Reading

Romance, Dominoes, and Negativity

Feb 05

I am always thinking about our fitness community at Shoreline Athletics.  Dave and I usually sit and bounce ideas off of each other.  These are some thoughts that have crossed our minds regarding how to be more successful in your training and life: #1 Don’t be so ROMANTIC about your workouts! No seriously… I’ve been in this […]Continue Reading

A Summer of PRs!

Sep 12

While the summer brings sunshine, relaxation, downtime with the family, and picnic after picnic, it usually is accompanied by weight gain, and inconsistency at the gym. As coaches, we have grown accustomed to seeing class sizes dwindle, especially during the month of August. We cannot say how ecstatic we were to see larger class sizes […]Continue Reading

Summer GainZ

Jul 25

While Davidsdottir and Fraser were crushing the CrossFit Games this weekend, you guys have been CRUSHING IT within the walls of Shoreline Athletics this summer! Let’s see who setting goal and achieving them: Greg Papuga set a PR on his push press (275×2), Matt Stebbins set a PR on his push press (200) and overhead […]Continue Reading