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The CrossFit Open Wrap-up–Who Took the Final Podium Spots?

Mar 29

Well, it’s a wrap!  The 2016 CrossFit Open has officially concluded, and what a pleasure it was to watch, and feel the energy this five-week competition created!  To begin, we have two athletes that we must brag about…Two athletes whose CrossFit Games season is not yet over: The first, is Megin Oczcowski.  You can buy your ticket […]Continue Reading

The 2016 CrossFit Open: SCF’s Week 4 Wrap-up

Mar 21

16.4 was a chipper for most of us, comprised of deadlifts, wall balls, rowing, and handstand push-ups/push-ups/push presses.  A few of our athletes made it back to the deadlifts, only to grip a bar that felt 50 lbs heavier than the first time around (so I was told)!  Let’s see who’s occupying SCF’s podium spots […]Continue Reading

The 2016 CrossFit Open: Week 3 Wrap-up at SCF

Mar 14

As the workout for week 3 was announced, my heart sank.  There is literally ONE movement that I absolutely cannot do while pregnant, and that’s bar muscle-ups (big belly + bar directly into it = no bueno for Baby P).  Of course I know I am not going to Regionals this year, but each week […]Continue Reading

Shoreline CrossFit’s Week 2 Open Review

Mar 08

What a week!  I personally tip my hat to CrossFit HQ for workout 16.2.  It was a great tester of both strength, muscle and cardiovascular endurance.  For many of you, I know that this workout was frustrating because the weight jumped exponentially each round, many times to a load heavier than you could successfully lift. […]Continue Reading

The CrossFit Open–Week 1: Shoreline CrossFit’s Podium Takers

Mar 02

What an exciting start to the Open!  While workout 16.1 sure was fun, let’s hope that this week’s workout is shorter and doesn’t require us to make multiple trips to Walmart for endless quantities of masking tape. On behalf of all of your coaches, I’d like to congratulate every single athlete who participated.  I know […]Continue Reading

Welcome to Shoreline Athletics–Home of Shoreline CrossFit

Feb 29

I have been working out religiously since I was fifteen years old. In fact, the first place I went when I got my license was the gym. My husband, David, always worked out as well, and in addition to this, always possessed an overwhelming desire to be an entrepreneur, despite a thriving career in the […]Continue Reading

Featured Athlete of the Month: Becky Ryalls

Feb 23

In case you haven’t noticed, in the last year (and in the upcoming year too), several of SCF’s athletes have been blessed with new additions to their families.  Along with the joy that a new baby brings, can also be new stresses…and for mom, a new body that doesn’t seem to resemble the old one. […]Continue Reading