April Accomplishments

May 12

Last month’s accomplishments were so abundant, that we had to increase the size of the accomplishment board!  Nice work.  Keep setting, achieving, and recording your goals! Testing Week Meant ‘LOTS of PRing! Eric Nevarez set a 20lb PR on his snatch (175) and his front squat (305). Monica Vidro set a 10lb PR on her […]Continue Reading


May 07

Before CrossFit, I probably went weeks–no months–at a time without challenging myself.  I graduated college, had a steady job that, for the most part, I considered myself to have mastered the difficult tasks that this job presented. I had a spiritual routine at church, did the same thing every other day at the gym, giving […]Continue Reading

Training Partners

May 05

Each day, since my freshman year of  high school, as soon as school concluded, I headed to the gym (There hasn’t been a September when I didn’t attend a “school”).  There, I would pop on my headphones and plug away at my workout routine in solitude. In fact, sometimes, I wouldn’t even have music on, but I […]Continue Reading

Who’s in the Mood for an AMWAP??

Apr 29

Many of you know longtime member, Tim Tredwell.  His good friend, Corey, has been working hard for the Make a Wish Foundation in a project entitled, AMWAP–As Many Wishes as Possible–a CrossFit TEAM competition that will raise funds to grant wishes to terminally ill children. This competition will take place on Saturday, May 24th on […]Continue Reading

Rekindle That Flame

Apr 28

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable“. –Bruce Lee Think back to the beginning of any relationship–You can’t get enough of […]Continue Reading

The Universal Language

Apr 19

Yesterday, I attended a CrossFit class that was taught entirely in French.  Initially, I was concerned that I would be confused.  But I was fine… I quickly noted that when it comes to coaching CrossFit, there are universal cues.  As it turns out “Lift your chest“, “Stay on your heels“, “Straighten out your arms“, and […]Continue Reading


Apr 15

“Happiness begins when we stop comparing ourselves to other people“. This quote was written on the whiteboard in main room last week for all of our athletes to consider. We compare. We compare ourselves to “famous” CrossFitters.  We compare ourselves to others in our region.  We compare ourselves to our peers working out beside us […]Continue Reading