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May Accomplishments

Jun 08

It’s something that I hear at least once a week. Sometimes I hear it more. I am sure that I’ve written about this statement previously: “I don’t have time“. I don’t have time to exercise.  I don’t have time to diet.  I don’t have time to stretch.  I don’t have time to warm-up. To work on […]Continue Reading

New Beginnings

Jun 01

Since I was five years old, every September, I’ve gone back to school.  It’s the only way I know.  For me, there’s something comforting in this cycle.  Every year, no matter how bad things got, how much I disliked a teacher (and now perhaps a student), I got to start fresh. For instance, this year, I was […]Continue Reading

Can SCF Take the Spartan by Storm??!!

May 26

Once upon a time, someone got the idea that SCF should compete in the  type of event in which ALL who have the ability to walk  could participate…And before we knew it SCF took West Dover, VT by storm!  It was cold, wet, and windy, but 67 SCF athletes completed the Tough Mudder on Mount Snow.  Because […]Continue Reading

April Accomplishments

May 18

SCF is Getting More Technical in Their Olympic Lifts There were many clean and jerk PRs this month including Jenna Lennon (175), Bryce (245), Adam Greenberg (285), Amanda Magleby (150), Janice Rodriguez (200lbs. at 115lb BW), Rich Sudock (285), Paige Slocum (120), and Bill Roy (205). DP hang squat cleaned 305lbs, JR Romano push jerk […]Continue Reading

Be Present

May 12

Looking around any high school in America these days can be a scary sight.   It’s like a outtake from some sci-fi drama that we never thought could possibly occur.  Zombies, with their faces glued to their phones, many times selfie-snapping, snap-chatting, earbuds in, having zero conversation with the peer beside them who is engaged in some type […]Continue Reading

You Get What You Work For

May 04

I am often approached by people outside of the gym and asked for workout tips.  Well, not so much workout tips, but the usual, “How can I get a rounder butt?”, “How can I get a sixpack?”, “How can I tone my arms?” You get the idea… My answer: there is no magic pill–exercise regularly […]Continue Reading

Hooked on Blonyx

Apr 28

As a CrossFitter, we are constantly bombarded with supplements; some are good and some not so good.  As an affiliate owner, we are bombarded even more.  At SCF, we typically promote three supplements: Lurong Living Essential, Pure Pharma Fish Oil, and Progenex protein supplements. It’s been awhile since I’ve come into contact with a new […]Continue Reading