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Pregnant and WODing???

Sep 16

Don’t get excited…I’m not pregnant Over the summer, SCF gained six tiny future members, and this winter, we are due for two more (that I know of)!  How exciting!  Congratulations to all of our new moms, dads, and soon-to-be moms and dads. It was quite inspiring to watch (and continue to watch), several of these […]Continue Reading

August Accomplishments

Sep 10

Just because we were in a historically slow month for gyms due to vacations and the heat, you guys, once again, delivered!  Let’s see what was accomplished during the month of August: SCF Continues to get Stronger Each Month! There were a lot of back squat PR’s this month including Kristine Capstick (170), Ryan Hocking […]Continue Reading

Sometimes It’s Heavy

Sep 03

Last week, I blogged about bad days; this is an extenuation of the information in that article. I’ve power-cleaned 210 more times than I can count.  The power clean is my favorite lift.  Unlike lifts such as the snatch or the jerk, it usually doesn’t feel heavy as I begin to approach my max.  Monday’s […]Continue Reading

Back on Track

Sep 01

As I am typing this, you have 12 days, 7 hours, and 3 minutes to commit to getting back on track! That’s right, the next Lurong Paleo Diet Challenge begins on September 14th! Eat a few too many burgers this summer?  Chug down a few too many beers?  Well, as my boss yells each period […]Continue Reading

Bad Day

Aug 26

I cried during my workout yesterday.  My performance was horrific.  Most likely because I was crying.  Then, I got on the rower to complete the workout, with hopes of making myself feel better, and  I cried more.  Snots, runny make-up, ugly-cry-face–the works… I’m not sure why I cried.  I was tired. I was hormonal.  I hate muscle-ups. […]Continue Reading

Don’t Get Comfortable

Aug 19

There’s a sign that hangs in the hallway of our gym which reads, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone“.  We usually apply this to physical exercise; until you push yourself, you most likely will not see change; until you take chances, you do not get rewards. But I have a different spin on it. […]Continue Reading

July Accomplishments

Aug 10

Powerlifting and Snatch PR’s! Jay Caron had a snatch PR this month at 150lbs and also back squatted 285 which was a 40lb PR!  Other back squat PRs this month include Jenna Lennon (260), Kara Maculaitis (185), Liz Mauro (200), Luis Suarez (285), Teresa Testa with a 20lb PR (185), Chelsea and Courtney Barbour (125), […]Continue Reading