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December Accomplishments

Jan 14

So, you didn’t see your name on the Accomplishment Board last month?  Didn’t achieve your goal for 2014? You’ve been trying to get a pull-up, and still can’t quite get that chin over the bar? Who cares??? Well, of course, YOU do.  And you should.  But, you shouldn’t feel that all is lost.  You shouldn’t feel […]Continue Reading

The Pain Train

Jan 05

It’s true.  CrossFit isn’t for everyone.  There are those who try it, and it doesn’t matter what we can do for them, CrossFit just doesn’t do it for them. Speaking with a wise coach recently regarding the ins and outs of being a successful CrossFit competitor, he said something that struck me: “It’s about the pain.  You […]Continue Reading

November Accomplishments

Dec 22

Between Meg (who copies and types the accomplishments from the board) and I (who posts them), we rarely get your awesome accomplishments posted in a timely fashion.  The month of November is no exception.  So we apologize, but better late than never.  Without further ado (and where the heck has the month of December gone??!!), here […]Continue Reading

My Favorite Part….

Dec 08

I love most things about CrossFit.  That’s why I still do it. I love that I’m stronger.  I love that I am more aware of what I put into my body. I love the way that it has mad my body look.  I love that it has given me problem-solving abilities that I have never […]Continue Reading

The 2014 SCF Lurong Paleo Winners

Dec 01

I always hated losing something and being told that “everyone was a winner”, you know, the old “participation trophy”…. Well, typically, I still stand by this, but as far as diet/fitness challenges are concerned, I’m going to broadcast the old cliche that there are not losers. The weeks of the Lurong Living 2014 Paleo Challenge inspired […]Continue Reading

7 Lbs…

Nov 25

7 lbs… that’s the amount of weight the average American gains from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  It may not sound like much until you feel it on your body.  In fact, do a workout with 7 lbs in a weight vest, and tell me that you don’t feel in in those bodyweight movements… Or, just […]Continue Reading

Climb for the Community

Nov 24

You know the feeling you get after a really tough WOD? Ok, yes you want to (or in fact do) drop on the floor because you can no longer hold your body up or catch your breath. But that is not the feeling to which I am referring. The feeling I want you to think […]Continue Reading