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Friday: no 7 am, no 5:30 pm, and no 6:30 pm
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July Accomplishments

Aug 10

Powerlifting and Snatch PR’s! Jay Caron had a snatch PR this month at 150lbs and also back squatted 285 which was a 40lb PR!  Other back squat PRs this month include Jenna Lennon (260), Kara Maculaitis (185), Liz Mauro (200), Luis Suarez (285), Teresa Testa with a 20lb PR (185), Chelsea and Courtney Barbour (125), […]Continue Reading

Eating for LIFE

Aug 02

I’ve been around the fitness industry since 1997,  and I can’t at any point in time, remember more talk of “diets”.  Dieting has always been the craze in this industry, but it just seems that in the last few months, I can’t recall hearing so much conversation centered around so many different diets.  Now, let’s clarify: […]Continue Reading

Just Lift It

Jul 14

“In our nature, however, there is a provision, alike marvelous and merciful, that the sufferer should never know the intensity of what he endures [in] the present torture”. -Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter Have you ever had this experience?  Get through a situation, look back at it and ask yourself, “How the heck did I EVER get through […]Continue Reading

June Accomplishments

Jul 07

School may be on summer break, but the hard work inside the walls at Shoreline CrossFit isn’t!  The accomplishment board was OVERFLOWING this month.  Keep this tangible brag sheet going! Shoreline Setting PR’s on Literally Every Lift! There were lots of squat clean PRs this month including Cesar Castro (300), LP, Tim Chan (285), Bianca Fiondella […]Continue Reading

Children Learn What They Live

Jul 06

“Children learn what they live“. Last week, I was working out in the back room, and there was a child of one of our adult clients passing her time in the same room.  We exchanged our greetings and each went about our own business. Without any concern for what I was doing, she began to write a […]Continue Reading

What You Want to Hear

Jun 15

You don’t pay us to tell you what you want to hear.  If you want to hear what you want to hear, it’s free… Just listen to the voice in your head that tells you it’s fine.  You’re doing great…It’s all okay.  Or, perhaps go to your mother.  Mothers are usually pretty complimentary.  And they’re […]Continue Reading

May Accomplishments

Jun 08

It’s something that I hear at least once a week. Sometimes I hear it more. I am sure that I’ve written about this statement previously: “I don’t have time“. I don’t have time to exercise.  I don’t have time to diet.  I don’t have time to stretch.  I don’t have time to warm-up. To work on […]Continue Reading