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CrossFit Team Series

Aug 25

Do you enjoy the CrossFit Open? Like the camaraderie that a team competition provides?  Want a reason to step-up your CrossFit game? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be interested in signing up for the all-new CrossFit Team Series. The basic idea is that your team is comprised of four people. […]Continue Reading

Paleo. Period…

Aug 19

I’m going to keep this short and as uncomplicated as possible… This summer has been the hardest summer that I can recall for me to maintain my diet.  I’m not sure why, but it just felt like every single weekend, I had some sort of major cheat meal, which for me, is out of the ordinary. […]Continue Reading

August’s Member of the Month

Aug 18

As you know, this month Shoreline CrossFit celebrated it’s 5-year anniversary.  It is only appropriate that we name our longest standing member as August’s Member of the Month. The Member of the Month for August is no other than Liz Mauro! Liz (pictured to the far left) helped us move every piece of equipment into […]Continue Reading

Hang in There

Aug 13

When I woke up this morning, it was hard to imagine that the day would end with the sun out. But it did. As I approached the gym at 4:30 pm, I beheld the sight that you see here. I mean, seriously, some days are so gloomy that it’s hard to envision what the sun […]Continue Reading

July Accomplishments

Aug 11

It seems as if many of you are heeding Jeter’s advice… The accomplishments this month were out-of-this-world!  We actually had to extend the accomplishment board to fit them all.  Keep up the amazing work as the fall months approach. This is The Most Weightlifting PR’s We’ve Had In Awhile! Many front squat PRs this month […]Continue Reading

The Power of the Gym

Jul 28

In the summer, it’s easier for me to stop and smell the roses.  And when I remember to do this, I am reminded of how good they actually smell. Being a coach at Shoreline CrossFit is the best job in the universe.  Last Wednesday,  I took five minutes and watched the magic woven throughout our gym. […]Continue Reading

Pride in the Work

Jul 21

I was never used to getting anything but A’s.  Sure, there were a few B’s here and there, but those were classes about which I didn’t care much, classes that were too easy to try hard.  But when I got to college, things were different.  I was paying for these classes, all of them were challenging enough to the […]Continue Reading