Registration Open! THROW-DOWN CANCER - Nov. 15th 2014 @ SCF
The next LuRong Living Paleo Challenge starts Sept 15th! This year, we have a real chance of winning the grand prize of a $50,000 gym makeover! Go to the LuRong Living Challenge website to register under our affiliate!


Getting Started
Option A: On-Ramp Classes
The On-Ramp program is required for ALL new clients prior to entering regular classes. The curriculum consists of 8 sessions completed over 2 weeks time to ensure knowledge and safety of the movements. During the two weeks, we’ll review CrossFit Methodology, the various fundamental moments, olympic lifts, nutrition, and complete various benchmark workouts. Everyone should try to attend all 8 sessions during the program.

Option B: Personal Training Sessions
If one would like to bypass the on ramp program or one’s schedule just doesn’t fit our’s, the alternative is 4 personal training sessions (with a minimum of 3 with the trainer’s approval). Over the 4 sessions, you’ll review a condensed version of the on ramp program reviewing all the squatting, pressing, pulling, and olympic lifts.

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