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Progenex More Muscle

You know that protein is key to building lean muscle mass. What you may not know is that
when it comes to building muscle, not all proteins are created equal. Why? Absorption.
When it comes to protein molecules, size really does matter. If it didn’t, any form of protein
would accomplish the same goal—but it doesn’t.


PROGENEX More Muscle is specifically formulated for fast and maximum uptake.
The key to PROGENEX More Muscle is that it contains the highest quality whey protein
isolate available that has been hydrolyzed through a special, proprietary enzymatic
process and then enriched with whey growth factors.
Significantly more refined than most protein molecules, PROGENEX is able to get into
your blood stream—and to your hungry muscle fibers—exceptionally fast for maximum
growth. This speed is especially important when your muscles are experiencing a
protein deficit, such as immediately after training and first thing in the morning—critical
times when your body needs a superior protein source.
PROGENEX More Muscle also contains a full 20 percent more bioactive branched-chain
amino acids (BCAAs) and leucine than regular whey protein isolates. The precise amount
of BCAA’s added was carefully calibrated, as the leucine content of whole proteins is
directly related to how much protein your body will integrate into muscle. This result cannot
be achieved by simply adding extra leucine to whey protein isolates or other proteins.

Fast-acting PROGENEX More Muscle gets more quality protein to your muscle fibers so that
you see dramatic increases in both size and strength. Taken immediately after training,
PROGENEX More Muscle greatly enhances protein synthesis in key Type II muscle fibers
where hypertrophic response or “enlargement” takes place. Feeding your muscles—not your
fat—will help you achieve your best body composition ever by increasing your metabolic rate
so that you burn more energy even after training.

• Increase strength, stamina, and build lean muscle while reducing fat
• Speed metabolism, muscle growth and muscle recovery
• Best tasting protein on the market
• 20% more BCAAs and leucine than regular whey protein isolates
• Lift More, build more, burn more
• Decrease muscle soreness
• Money back guarantee
• Made in the USA
• RESULTS: 9 of the top 11 male finishers in the 2011 CrossFit Games use PROGENEX
• RESULTS: 60% of individual competitors in the 2011 CrossFit Games use PROGENEX
• RESULTS: 4 of the top 5 male finishers in the 2012 CrossFit Games use PROGENEX

PROGENEX More Muscle should be taken within 30 minutes of training. For additional gains
and fat loss, consume one shake first thing in the morning and as a meal replacement
throughout the day on both training and non-training days. PROGENEX Recovery and
PROGENEX More Muscle can be combined immediately post workout into one 12-16 oz.
shake for the ultimate training 1-2 punch.