Progenex Recovery


For the serious athlete, the ability to bounce back faster and stronger from training, practice,
or competitions separates the winners from everyone else. No matter what level you are
currently competing at, we know that your goal is to become even better. PROGENEX
Recovery enables you to exponentially improve your performance and create all-new
“personal bests.”

After an intense workout your body needs to recover and rebuild its muscles. Rapidly
absorbing amino acids taken immediately post-workout are essential for this process.
PROGENEX is the fastest absorbing whey protein hydrolysate on the market, which allows
your muscles to recover to their baseline strength within hours, not days. PROGENEX
helps you train harder and more frequently, which translates into better performance,
more strength, more lean muscle, and less fat.
Not all proteins are created equal. PROGENEX Recovery delivers on its name due to its high
concentration of fast-absorbing and bioavailable amino acids. PROGENEX starts with a
high quality whey protein isolate that is hydrolyzed into tiny peptide sequences (di and tri
peptides) of amino acids that are rapidly absorbed and delivered to your needy muscles in
a matter of minutes. Other proteins can take 1-2 hours – just long enough to miss your peak
anabolic window.

• Increase strength, build lean muscle, reduce fat
• Speed recovery
• Best tasting protein on the market
• High bioavailability of amino acids
• High levels of BCAAs and glutamine
• Decrease muscle soreness
• Money back guarantee
• Made in the USA
• RESULTS: 9 of the top 11 male finishers in the 2011 CrossFit Games use PROGENEX
• RESULTS: 60% of individual competitors in the 2011 CrossFit Games use PROGENEX
• RESULTS: 4 of the top 5 male finishers in the 2012 CrossFit Games use PROGENEX

PROGENEX Recovery should be taken in the first 30 minutes following a workout or physical
activity. While Recovery can be mixed with any liquid, it is designed to be mixed with water.
PROGENEX Recovery can be taken multiple times a day. The fast-absorbing nature of the
product makes it ideal for consuming during anabolic windows: first thing in the morning and
immediately post-workout.