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Pure Pharma Vitamin D


Our body produces Vitamin D in response to ultraviolet light, but researchers find that many people are chronically Vitamin D deficient because they do not get regular full body exposure to the sun.

Vitamin D contributes to normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, immune system, maintenance of bones and muscle function. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning the body cannot absorb it without fat. For this reason, we have blended Vitamin D3, gently extracted from a natural source, with cold pressed organic coconut oil to ensure maximum absorption.

Natural Vitamin D3
Cold pressed organic
coconut oil
GMP certified

Maintains strong bones
Maintains immune system
Reduces risk of osteoporosis
Reduces risk of depression

Vitamin D3 from sheeps wool (lanolin)

Vitamin D deficiency is a common medical condition. Vitamin D supplements can be ingested to improve this, but the carrier of the fat soluble vitamin is crucial, as it plays a central role in determining the amount of Vitamin D absorbed.

Studies reveal that the absorption is up to 47% better with oil based than dry based Vitamin D3 (e.g. powder or tablets). That is why PurePharma D3 is blended with cold pressed organic coconut oil.

Reference: Grossman & Tangpricha, 2010