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Program Overview

At Shoreline Athletics in Branford, CT we believe in all inclusive fitness for everyone that walks through our doors. So, the “one size fits all” mentality doesn’t exist. Instead, we provide a hybrid of individualized-group training model listed below. Our goal is tell help each person find the true definition of balanced fitness and long term health over time.

CrossFit Symmetry

CrossFit Symmetry classes are very much like our regular CrossFit classes that we have always been running at Shoreline Athletics. They will involve a mix of cardiovascular endurance, gymnastics, and both Olympic and power lifts. You may notice a gradual shift in the programming, where some of the classes have some more advanced skills; nevertheless, this program will continue to be scalable to all athletes.

CrossFit Conditioning

Many of you heard the buzz regarding this program when we ran a beta test a couple of months ago. First and foremost, allow me to begin by saying this is not a CrossFit endurance class. Do not expect to come in and have a mono structural run or row for the entire hour. The purpose of this class is to help to condition athletes for the CrossFit Symmetry classes eventually. This is the perfect class for the individual who is trying to build his/her aerobic capacity, and lose weight, thus changing his or her body composition. There will be a component of weightlifting in this class, but it will always be at lighter loads. There will be Crossfit skills intermingled in this class, but they will not be as complex as those practiced in the CrossFit Symmetry classes. This will be the class for the majority of the new athletes at Shoreline Athletics to acclimate them to our facility. This is also a great class for many of our veteran athletes that have been struggling for many years to improve their cardio.

Which Class Should I Take?

If you often feel like you’re are the “last to finish” in class and that your heavy breathing is what keeps you from being able to pick up the barbell, or get back up on the box, you should strongly consider taking CrossFit Conditioning classes. In addition, if you feel as if your always injured, sore, or burnt out, CrossFit Conditioning is the class for you. Athletes are permitted to intermix CrossFit Conditioning classes and CrossFit Symmetry classes, but please understand, TO BENEFIT FULLY FROM ANY PROGRAM IT IS BEST TO ADHERE TO JUST ONE. We’d greatly prefer athletes to perform either the Symmetry or the Conditioning classes in the time slots in which they have been scheduled, but we do understand that in some extenuating circumstances, an athlete may come in and perform the Symmetry workout in a Conditioning timeslot, but keep in mind that this is not optimal for the coach or the athlete. We also have two open gym slots per week (Tuesday/Thursday at 3:30) when either of these programs can be performed.

If you have any additional questions on either of these programs, or the new scheduling, please direct them to Lauren, David, Chu, or Kelly. We greatly look forward to these changes bringing the results that you all deserve so greatly!

CrossFit Conditioning:
Foundational strength, skills, and conditioning
Structural work and moderate skill movements
Improve strength to body weight ratio
Improve muscle endurance and breathing
Moderate-to-light weight “high” skill movements to reduce risk of injury
Big emphasis on movement quality and kinetic awareness
Community building- nothing to serious and no egos

To build a “solid foundation”
To educate our clients on our training methodology
Get clients to achieve aesthetic and performance goals

Accountability and Results:
Clients should expect to see results over time
Assessment and benchmarks to show progress

CrossFit Symmetry:
Performance driven program
Absolute strength, power, speed, and muscle endurance
Higher intensity aerobic zones
Single arm, single leg, and core strength
High skill & dynamic movements/lifts
High level gymnastics movements
Can handle the volume of full time status
Nutrition, lifestyle, and recovery in place
Understands their body and wants to be pushed hard daily

Achieve short and long term performance goals
To educate our clients to understand their bodies
Continue to train at a high level over time
Prepares individuals for competitions (CrossFit OPEN, Tough Mudder, Spartan, Road Races, etc.)
Accountability and Results:
Clients should see through the annual periodization model in order to see full results
Assessment and benchmarks to show progress

Competitors Program:
The program is currently being revamped
For additional information email david@shorelinecrossfit.com

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