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Program Overview

At Shoreline CrossFit in Branford, CT we believe in all inclusive fitness for everyone that walks through our doors. So, the “one size fits all” mentality doesn’t exist. Instead, we provide a hybrid of individualized-group training model listed below. Our goal is tell help each person find the true definition of balanced fitness and long term health over time.

Beginner Program

Shoreline CrossFit’s Beginner Program is our unique way of introducing CrossFit to everyone that walks through our doors. Whether you come from a sedentary, active, or an athletic lifestyle, our program is for you. In a class amongst your peers, you will be introduced to the CrossFit Methodology and Principles, the various fundamental moments, Olympic Lifts, and our all inclusive nutrition package. These classes are held in a smaller group setting and we provide each person with individual attention to ensure knowledge and safety of the movements. For more information please visit our CrossFit Beginners page.

Fitness Program

SCF’s Fitness Program is designed for members who are either just starting off or really just want to be fit. This program does two things really well. One, it gives people the opportunity to work on their imbalances/weaknesses without the pressure of lifting heavy weights. Secondly, it protects people from over training or getting injured. In this program, you will not find set weights or technical lifts. CrossFit is a great program, but rushing into the wrong program can potentially lead to injuries and be extremely frustrating. The primary focus in the Fitness program is training proper form, building strength and one’s aerobic endurance. This doesn’t mean the workouts are easier. In fact, many times, they can be more demanding. Although these workouts are done in a group setting, the focus is YOU and your development within the program. You will continue to have fun and learn each and every day. In fact, many clients have chosen this program over the other because “it just feels right.” If you goal is to reach the Performance program (see below), this is the perfect place to start. There are charts inside the gym which illustrate the progressive model we’ve created to help you understand our program.

Performance Program

SCF’s Performance Program is generally for a “seasoned” member or for someone that’s a former high school or collegiate athlete or has spent significant time weight training previous to starting the program. This program is more of a traditional style of CrossFit in terms of the movements and competitive nature. Each workout will test one’s mental and physical limits. The focus for this program is GPP (general physical preparedness). This program will also follow a periodization cycle which focuses on building one’s absolute strength, aerobic, and muscular endurance throughout the year with touches on CrossFit specific skills like Gymnastics (ring dips, pull ups, muscle ups, handstand push ups, single leg squats, etc..) and Olympic Lifting (clean & jerks, snatches, and variations). We’ve designated weights and reps for this program which will test the boundaries and bring you into a higher level of fitness. If competing is a goal of yours, this program will fully prepare you for any competition. There are charts inside the gym which illustrate the progressive model we’ve created to help you understand our program.

Competition Program

SCF’s Competition Program is the final step before individualized training. Since this program is done independently on most days, one must meet the minimum prerequisites in order to participate. In addition, one must follow the SCFs competitor’s program without deviation. Because the program is so specific to training for CrossFit’s competition season (CrossFit Open and Regional), one will not be allowed to float back and forth between programs (simply because it can be counterproductive). The weights are much heavier, very demanding, and the movements are extremely technical. Due to the nature of the program’s design, the chances of injury can be higher if one’s sleep, nutrition, and stress levels aren’t in line with their training. Therefore, the level of commitment is much higher. However, if you are willing to make training your part time (minimum 2 hours a day) or even full time job in order to compete, then this program is for you. Here are the minimum prerequisites:

– Back Squat 2 X Bodyweight (or 365/225#)
– Deadlift 2 X Bodyweight (or 405/265#)
– Shoulder Press 1 X 3/4 (w) 1 X Bodyweight (m) (or 185/100#)
– Power Clean 1 ½ X Bodyweight (and move well) (or 255/165#)
– Power Snatch 1 X Bodyweight (and move well) (185/115#)
– Muscle Ups, HSPUs, Strict Dips, Strict Pull Ups (for consecutive reps)
– Double Unders, Rope Climbs, and T2B/K2Es (have basic skills down)

If you do meet these prerequisites and would like to, email about individualized programming.

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