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Bradley Roth

Ever since I can remember, playing sports and being competitive was all I really cared about. Growing up, I participated in gymnastics, basketball, baseball, and soccer. In high school I joined the track team and competed mainly in the high jump, and although I was good for my height(I was only 5’2” starting my sophomore year), I needed an edge to be competitive. That’s where I began googling “vertical jump programs” and trying them out. I was very surprised with how much some actual hard work in the gym paid off, and from that point became very interested in anything related to fitness and performance. During that time in high school, I decided I didn’t want to work a desk job after college.

My CrossFit story began about 3 months into my freshman year at UConn, where I came across CrossFit.com and decided to give it a shot. I had always been a power athlete(my longest event in track took about 6 seconds) and shied away from any sort of endurance training, so CrossFit was a major shock to my system. However, I was hooked instantly and saw amazing results. I did a couple months of training on my own in commercial gyms the best I could, but eventually it became hard to do CrossFit by myself without the right equipment and I had to give it a break.

That following summer I found Shoreline CrossFit and it opened my eyes to what I had been missing. Soon after I got into the Strength and Conditioning program and UConn. I had known for a while I wanted to do something in the sports/fitness field, but I didn’t know what. My major at school was structured to prepare students to train athletes for collegiate and professional sports, but over the last couple years it became quite clear to me that I wanted to become a CrossFit coach. I felt that high level athletes didn’t need help as much as people trying to improve their quality of life. However, I didn’t really want to coach anywhere besides Shoreline CrossFit. After graduating in May, 2013 I was fortunate to get a chance to intern and learn from all of Shoreline CrossFit coaches for a period before I began coaching myself.

With the countless success stories I have seen, I believe CrossFit can really help people of ANY fitness level achieve their goals, all while still making it fun to work out. I would like to thank Dave, Lauren, and Kelly for giving me the opportunity to do what I love and for making me feel welcomed into the Shoreline CrossFit community.


B.S. Strength and Conditioning from UConn
CrossFit Level 1 Certification
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
CPR/AED Certified