The LuRong Summertime Challenge workouts will be posted as the regular workout of the day every Tuesday until the end of the challenge. Each Monday evening, we'll set up a table with updated scorecards, measuring tape, and detailed instructions for the following day. Please review the workout videos and standards in advance to help things move along. Have fun and celebrate every victory along the way!

Carl Chu

My CrossFit Story started the day I walked through the garage door at SCF. Growing up, I was somewhat active, but never really regarded myself as an “athlete” because I didn’t play organized sports and wasn’t a member of any team. Before walking through that door, I was a member of your typical “globo” gym. When I say “member”, I mean they automatically deducted $15 dollars from my account every month. I dabbled with other workout plans, such as, P90x and Insanity to no avail. In reality, I had no idea what I was doing. I was exercising regularly and thought I was eating right. I just wasn’t seeing the type of results I wanted. Eventually, I was introduced to CrossFit by an old friend, who, gave me some of the best advice of my life.

Fast forward to March 12, 2010: a day that I will never forget. I arrived 30 minutes early, in regular Chu fashion. I was feeling nervous, so I sat in my car for a while trying to muster up the courage to meet my fate. With sweaty palms and a twisting stomach, I walked into SCF where I was greeted by a sweaty, shirtless, tattooed man who very surprisingly shook my hand, asked me my name, and pointed me in the right direction. I met the owner, Dave, who took me through my first workout called “Cindy”. It was a scaled down version, but it still kicked my butt, and caused the realization that the lack of physical activity over the past years had really put me in a bad way. “Cindy” also told me that if I committed to this lifestyle, that this could really change me!

A year later, I have faithfully kept that commitment to myself and to the CrossFit lifestyle. I have never been healthier in my whole life, mentally or physically. I am proud to be part of an absolutely wonderful, extremely positive, community that helps each member attain their goals in CrossFit and in their personal lives. As a coach, it is my goal to help fuel any person of any background to help meet their goals, no matter what it takes.
The recipe for success is there for anyone walking through the door at SCF.

Carl’s Credentials:
CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Coaches Preparatory Certification
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification
Crossfit Gymnastics Certification
CrossFit Endurance Certification
CPR Certification – Adult, Child, and Infant