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Doug Johnson

As a Branford native, my father both a former gymnast and local gym teacher of 35 years has always instilled the importance of fitness. And prior to dedicating myself to training and being healthy, I always thought that someone in good shape had to be able to run a fast pace for long distance. Over the years, and through many grueling training schedules, I found that this isn’t entirely true and a lot more goes into good conditioning, but for this athlete, this is what I focused on:

The first time I ever tried to run, I nearly died after 1 lap around the track. Believe it or not, that lit a fire in me to always want to do better. I focused all my competitive edge on my running. As time went on, that 1 lap turned into 2, 2 turned into 3, etc. I learned for myself that I always wanted to work towards a goal and to improve. I was very goal oriented and held myself to a high standard. Over the years, I have always managed to balance work, diet, and fitness in my life. The benefits of a good balance of healthy living and a good lifestyle are unparalleled. Somewhere along the way that 1 lap turned into 2 completed marathons and several races with respectable times, of which I’m very proud. I was always a team player and loved running with other people, but distance running is not everyone’s favorite.

After joining CrossFit, that feeling of being part of a team has come back and reignited that fire I felt years ago. I thrive and feed off others always wanting to improve and be better. Positivity and encouragement are contagious and I, in turn, love to push myself and help others push themselves too. As a whole, we should never let ‘doing good’ get in the way of doing better, in the gym, on the road and in life. In addition, my motivation to help others is partly the result of fatherhood and hope soon to pass both philosophies of fitness and humanity to my beautiful 4 year old daughter Paige.

Some of my races include: The Guilford Road Race (2 times), Branford Road Race (5 times, last year’s time: 34:17), The New Haven 20k (5 times, last year’s time 1hr 33mins), Brockets Point Half Marathon (1hr 51mins), Mystic Bay Festival Marathon (2 times, last time 4hrs 2mins), The Walsh Intermediate Turkey Trot (23 minutes), and this year I’ll be training for the Marine Core Marathon along with my training of partners for the last five years Ethan Hershman and Jim Lapia.

Doug’s Credentials:
CrossFit Endurance Certification
CPR Certification