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Jessica Dean

If you ask my family if I was an athlete when I was younger they would look at you funny and think “Jess? Our Jess?” But, I always knew I was an athlete. Maybe not your “typical” soccer playing athlete, but rather a person who was always active. I grew up dancing in everything from little recitals to Nutcracker productions. When not dancing, you could find me playing outside or creating something in the kitchen. From a young age I loved nutrition and fitness.

In high school I tried a few different sports, but I didn’t like any of them. So I joined a gym. I loved it. I got my 1 free training session and did that one routine over and over again. In college, I continued to workout but never ventured out beyond the machines and treadmill. “That” other section of the gym with metal plates, bars and dumbbells was so intimidating to me. I stayed away.

Soon after college I had my first child. I was faced with the challenge of balancing motherhood, being a wife, working and trying to maintain myself. I became the queen of the exercise video. After daughter #1 I did Tae Bo, daughter #2 Windsor Pilates, daughter #3 Turbo Jam. I finally had had enough and decided to try the gym again. With a goal in mind, I set out to be in great shape by my 30th birthday. I read everything I could get my hands on. I ditched the machines and grabbed the barbells and free weight. I forced myself to get over my fear of weightlifting. In a few short months my body changed. I was inspired.

Soon after, I became a certified Personal Trainer and Les Mills Body Jam instructor. The fire had been light inside me. I trained myself and ran a ½ marathon in NYC and for Mothers Day I asked for P90x, which I did for 90 + days. Still I craved something more. I wanted to be with people who felt as passionate about fitness as I did. Thankfully a friend suggested Crossfit to me. I googled and found the most amazing picture of a CrossFit female competitor (Coach LP) running up a muddy hill with a sandbag on her back. My first thought was…..I have to do that!

In Nov 2009, my Crossfit adventures began. My first WOD was “Cindy”. Instantly, I was hooked. Still today I walk into the gym with excitement. I can not wait to see what’s in store for me. Not only has Crossfit has made me physically stronger, but it’s made me a better mother, wife, and person. It has taught me to not fear the unknown but to embrace it. Crossfit has also taught me how to dig deeper in life and in workouts/WODs. For me there is no other way to train and now, there’s no looking back. It’s full steam ahead!

Jessica’s Credentials:
Graduated from UCONN with BS in Nutrition
CrossFit Level I Certification
CrossFit Coachs Prep Certification
AFAA Personal Trainer
CPR certified
CrossFit Legitimus – Momma Said Knock You Out 2011 – 1st Place
CrossFit Legitimus – Momma Said Knock You Out 2012 – 1st Place
SCF Affiliate Team 2010
Reebok Northeast Regional Qualifier 2011
SCF Affiliate Team 2011
Reebok Northeast Regional Qualifier 2012
SCF Affiliate Team 2012