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Megin Oczkowski

Throughout my life, I have always been an athlete. I danced for 6 years, played soccer for 10 and was a gymnast for 15 years. To say I am competitive is a bit of an understatement. From refusing to take rest during soccer games at the age of five because I claimed “my whole team sucked”, to playing checkers with my older brother, I took nothing lightly. But after many years of athletics, especially gymnastics, I became burned out and my competitive edge began to dwindle.

When I was 16, my parents introduced me Crossfit, which exposed me to a new type of competition. I eventually stopped gymnastics for Crossfit because of the high intensity, motivation and competitive atmosphere, which I found more fulfilling. However, I had the habit of cherry picking workouts that did not involve barbell movements because of a fear of becoming bulky. Then suffered a major injury which required surgery and nearly a year of rehab. During that time, the trainers at Shoreline CrossFit helped me work around my injury everyday, and implemented barbell movements that I could perform despite my injury. This caused quite the turn-around: now you can’t get me off of the barbell! CrossFit has increased my confidence tremendously, teaching me that performance is far more desirable than aesthetics.

What I’ve gained from the trainers at Shoreline CrossFit, I’d love to be able to pass on to others. I want to show people that the gym is not as intimidating as they may think; that any goal is attainable regardless of age, injury, inactivity, or even if you have never been involved in any type of physical activity. I am extremely eager to share my passion for CrossFit with other athletes as I continue to coach at Shoreline CrossFit.