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Paul Wirtz

I think I have the typical CrossFit story. I worked out every day either cycling or at the gym, I regularly played soccer, and regarded myself as in very good shape. Then came the obligatory first CrossFit workout (thanks Coach Kelly) and I melted into a heaping pile of lungs on fire, sweaty, on my knees, mess. Instant addiction! That was January 2010. Looking back, because I didn’t know it at the time, it was such a scaled down version of a workout it wouldn’t qualify these days as a warm-up. Like I said, typical story, but I was hooked.

I’ve always enjoyed sports and come to find out, teaching as well. I spent many, many years training and then instructing Martial Arts for both adults and children in New Haven, CT. My current passion, along with CrossFit is coaching soccer here in Branford, CT. I currently coach a number of boys and girls youth teams at both the competitive and recreational levels. I’m also a Director for the Branford Soccer Club and still play weekly.

I’m 46 years old as I write this and I wish I had CrossFit when I was younger. The positive mental (yes, mental) and physical changes are dramatic. The CrossFit program make you dig down deep and push through barriers. Add nutrition to the mix, and you have a winning formula for a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

I currently live in Branford, CT with my beautiful wife Gayle and our three children, 13, 12, and 10.

Paul’s Credentials:
CrossFit Level 2
Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certification
CrossFit Rowing Certification
CPR Certification – Adult, Child, and Infant